Metro Detroit Mom Serves Up Family Traditions at Lush Yummies Pie Company

Meet Jennifer Lyle, a local mom who balances family life with running Lush Yummies Pie Company, where every pie is a slice of love.

When I first spoke to Jennifer Lyle on the phone, she was in her second office, her car. She was going to drop her son off at his travel basketball practice, and her baby girl was in the back seat.

With just a hint of a southern accent, in a voice that felt simultaneously soft and strong, she apologized for her daughter “fussing.” I reassured her that I’m a mom too. There is one thing for sure, fussing tends to follow us moms around.

We talked for a bit about how much parenting children these days involves driving them around to their activities. 

We talked about the struggle that goes into finding a balance between work and family, how important it is to be present for our kids, and how sometimes that is easier than other times.

Then we talked about pie. But for Lyle, talking pie is also talking about family. Which is talking about love. Lyle owns Lush Yummies Pie Company in Ferndale.

Every nook and cranny of that shop is a love letter to her family, especially to the man who taught her everything he knows about living well, and of course, that also includes making pie, her grandpa.

Real Life: Jennifer Lyle

Jennifer Lyle
Photo credit: Sydney Kispert-Bostick

When did you open your pie shop, Lush Yummies Pie Company?

It officially opened in 2018. My grandfather, Herman, used to bake at home with his mom in Birmingham, Alabama. Then we baked together. Baking with him was quality time. The first pie that we made together was a Lemon Butta Pie. And, yes, we sell it at the shop. It was the first pie that he taught me to make. He would always tell me to roll out the lemon with my elbows… because that’s how you get the best juice. 

Describe your shop.

I would call it nostalgic. I wanted it to feel like a little piece of home. There are drawings on the wall. My grandad loved to paint, and I have a minor in graphic design. Before we opened, I painted a mural on the wall that I call An Ode to Grandpa

Tell me about your family.

My husband and I have four children. Our baby, a girl, is 16 months old. We also have three boys, ages 7, 9, and 12. Busy. We are busy.

What have you learned about yourself since becoming a mom?

It’s really important to slow down… and take time for the people around you. It’s really important to be present. For a while, I was there, but I was mentally absent. And sometimes I couldn’t be there. During travel basketball, my son said you should be at more of our games. It’s great to have the business, but you’re still a wife and a mom, and your family expects you to be there for them in the big moments.

What steps did you take to find more balance?

I hired a couple more employees. I tried to outsource things. I brought in a cleaner- I used to think that was crazy. But it helped me have sanity. My husband, Josh, helps a lot.

How has being an entrepreneur shaped your family’s life?

It gives my family a lot of freedom. It gives us a lot of flexibility. It allows us to do what we want to do. It allows us to have insightful conversations about running a business. We talk through things that actually happen at the bakery, and then we ask (our kids) what they would do. This is us trying to build an entrepreneurial mindset. They come into the shop every once in a while to do little things. Like sweep or wipe counters. 

What are you hoping to teach your kids?

I don’t necessarily hope that they take over the business one day. But I do hope that my children understand that they have freedom.  And they can do whatever they want in this world. The world is not linear. There are so many ways to be successful. 

What advice would you give other moms who are thinking about opening a business?

It’s never going to be a perfect time. As moms we want perfection. We want it to be the right time. It will never be the right time. I had to step out on faith. You have to believe in yourself. Entrepreneurship can be very lonely. Even when it gets rough, you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. It’s okay to have a pity party every now and again, but you gotta be able to pick yourself up. 

Fast Talk with Jennifer Lyle

Jennifer Lyle
Photo credit: Sydney Kispert-Bostick

Your favorite word: 


Your favorite place to shop for kids clothes: 

Once Upon a Child!

Your favorite place to go out to eat with the kids:


Your secret obsession: 

Magical Movies, like science fiction and fantasy. I love Harry Potter.

Your personal tagline:

Leave me alone. Unless it’s important.

What you hope your kids say about you to their friends: 

I’m really proud of my mom. 

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