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Dr. Keith Dobracki runs his dental practice, Ann Arbor's Dentist, the way he lives his life Ñ from a holistic and alternative approach.

"This is our lifestyle. That's the way we live at home. And we've only gotten healthier and healthier because of it," Dobracki says. "I was in dentistry for a while and then realized how toxic some of the materials were. It didn't match my life or the way I looked at health care."

He wanted to help patients look up stream and find the root of their issue rather than putting a bandage on the problem.

"Our doctors have training in holistic and functional medicine. We look at all aspects of the body before we even start with the teeth," Dobracki says.

Everything in and around the office is metal-free and mercury-free. When it comes to dental procedures, the team at Ann Arbor's Dentist treats the tooth issues with the rest of the body in mind.

"Many recent studies have proved important correlations between your mouth and the rest of your body," Dobracki says, adding that the practice even avoids harsh chemicals in the cleaning of instruments, preferring to use Ozone, multiple negative ion generators and charcoal air filters for keeping the office clean.

The dentists at Ann Arbor's Dentist check for infections, lymph inflammation, oral cancer, skin cancer, illness, gum disease, body meridian challenges, oral microflora and periodontal disease during each exam.

"Our procedures are individualized and finetuned to each patient after a biocompatibility test. We look for the least reactive materials and use those to make sure that the teeth look nice, last a long time and won't cause any inflammatory responses," Dobracki says.

Ann Arbor's Dentist can also perform saliva tests that can reveal the balance of healthy and bad bacteria in a patient's mouth and how it is affecting their health and teeth.

The dentists at Ann Arbor's Dentist can perform safe removal of old metal fillings that could cause problems for a patient.

"During our procedures, we also try to use a lot of laser-guided features. This allows for less chemicals, less drilling and fewer injections for the patient," Dobracki says.

When it comes to X-rays, Ann Arbor's Dentist uses the lowest possible dose of radiation that will still allow them to get effective pictures. After the X-rays, they perform radiation detox with a radiation supplement.

"If we were to do a full set of X-rays on a patient, which we try not to do, it is equal to about spending an hour out in the sun on a sunny day," Dobracki says.

Besides providing a holistic approach to dentistry, the Ann Arbor's Dentist team wants to make sure that all patients are comfortable during their exams and procedures.

For the youngest patients, there is a costume closet. Kids often overcome their fears by dressing up as a pirate or superhero during their examination. There is also a Golden Retriever comfort dog that spends time with patients, especially those who are nervous. Dobracki also performs tricks, like removing a patient's bib.

Ann Arbor's Dentist treats patients of all ages. He works with parents to make sure they understand proper dental care for their children.

"We always encourage parents to go back into the exam with their kids and be there for the appointment. Our primary goal is to fix tooth problems, but also to educate parents and kids," Dobracki says. "If they aren't educated and doing the right thing at home, they'll often end up back for more and more cavities."

Many autoimmune or Lyme Disease patients visit Ann Arbor's Dentist, Dobracki says. The team also sees many patients who are into holistic care and alternative medicine. Ann Arbor's Dentist has the capacity to file claims with most insurance companies and is considered a Premier Dentist within the Delta Dental network.

Ann Arbor's Dentist also offers various unique products in the office, Dobracki says. They have organic products and those made with special minerals and essential oils.

"Our goal at the end of the day is to help people and have fun doing it. If we can check those two boxes, it's been a good day," Dobracki says.

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