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6621 W. Maple Road, Suite 200
West Bloomfield Township, MI, 48322, US

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The roots of Kakos Dental run deep within the Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield communities. As the fourth owner of the dental practice, Dr. Jessica Kakos treats multiple generations of families in a practice that has served the area for more than 50 years.

With her patient-centered approach, Dr. Kakos takes time with each individual and cares about every smile.

"Our patients are the center of this dental practice," says the University of Detroit Mercy graduate.

To ensure patient satisfaction, Dr. Kakos encourages patients to identify what cosmetic changes would enhance their smile rather than having procedures dictated to them.

"I enjoy giving patients the smile they want, and I strive to fully inform them of their options," she says.

"I don't say to my patients, 'Let me improve your smile.' I say to them, 'Is there anything you want me to change.' If they are happy with their smile, then I'm happy," she says.

Dr. Kakos has managed to effortlessly apply her talent, knowledge, and expertise to provide comfort and care to all of her patients, especially the youngest among them. Dr. Kakos sees patients of all ages - and feels strongly that estabilishing good oral health starts at a young age.

As a mother of four, Dr. Kakos has the insight and understanding to relate to families that visit her practice. From the very first visit of her youngest patients, she helps parents address concerns and make sure their children establish good oral health.

"Many people underestimate the importance of taking care of a child's primary teeth," Dr. Kakos says. "It's essential for a child to develop good oral hygiene skills, not simply to build good habits, but also because decay or damage to baby teeth can negatively affect the adult teeth still under the gum line."

Dr. Kakos encourages student athletes to be cautious with their teeth. She provides mouthguards for student athletes near her office and teaches them how to make sure their teeth are safe while playing sports.

Treating patients of all ages, Dr. Kakos looks for signs of other issues that could be impacting the patient, things they often don't know about, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Kakos Dental uses state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal care. The office has digital X-ray equipment and CEREC machines for fitting crowns in just one visit. While Kakos Dental provides general dentistry to its patients, Dr. Kakos also offers specialty services such as implants, periodontal treatment and Invisalign.

The practice has grown since Dr. Kakos purchased it as a young, new dentist about 15 years ago. When she decided to take on the practice, it was a huge decision for her young family, but she's proud of how it has grown.

"With faith, love and hard work, we have been able to grow and also give back to those around us in other ways," she says. This includes her work with several charitable organizations and dental groups.

Kakos Dental has an office on West Maple Road in West Bloomfield, which can be reached at 248-489-5950, in addition to a location on Inkster Road in Bloomfield Hills, which can be reached at 248-855-4143. For more information, visit the Kakos Dental website.