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You and your child's regular dental checkups should be more than looking for cavities. At Regiani Holistic Dental Center in Clarkston, Dr. David Regiani looks at diet, habits and lifestyle to combat and prevent trouble.

Patients who visit his dental practice are looking for a more natural approach to dental care.

"Oral disease is second only to the common cold, when it comes to diseases," Regiani says. "We are not just 'fix-it' people. We look at why you have a broken tooth. It could be a bite issue, a sleep disordered breathing issue or something more."

A typical new patient appointment at Regiani Dental Center begins with a very thorough exam, evaluation and consultation with Regiani.

"We go through their medical history. We check jaw and tooth relationships. We evaluate them to see if they have any TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) issues or sleep disorder breathing issues, such as sleep apnea," Regiani says.

Then, Regiani performs a microscopic plaque analysis before the first prophy (cleaning) to determine exactly what care the patient requires. From there, he develops a dental plan for each patient.

"We come up with an individualized treatment plan that we are both comfortable with. That may include taking care of cavities and replacing fillings. Sometimes we need to see people every two or three months to monitor progress and suggest different ways of treating their particular situation," Regiani adds.

Tarter on teeth, for example, can mean someone has excess calcium in the body. Besides cleaning the calculus (tarter), the professional dental team will discuss the reasons for it, the impact it has on other parts of the patient's body, and ways to reduce or eliminate it.

"We try to help people understand how to improve their oral health. You give a race car the wrong fuel and it's not going to work very well. If you give it the proper fuel and care, it's going to work as well as it can. With the proper nutrition and care of the body, there is less chance of disease, oral or systemic. We often see a manifestation of systemic disease in the mouth. When the mouth gets better and healthier, so does the body," Regiani says.

When it comes to orthodontics, Regiani looks at the larger picture, too. He looks for interceptive ways to get rid of habits that impact the tongue position and the shape of developing jaws. Depending on age and development, he may recommend The Healthy Start and/or Oral-Myofunctional therapy, or maybe Invisalign.

These small changes can lead to a more properly developed dental arch. "Although that is esthetically pleasing (and often eliminates or reduces the need for braces), it also produces a more open airway. Breathing is easier, especially at night," he says.

A narrowed airway can lead to sleep disordered breathing problems including night sweats, nightmares and bedwetting in kids Ñ and adults might have GERD and fibromyalgia. Untreated, these issues can even lead to stroke.

Regiani began practicing dentistry in 1978 and opened his own practice a year later.

"I knew there was more to dentistry than just cleaning teeth and fixing teeth. I studied nutrition and learned the harmful effects that mercury and other commonly used dental materials could have on people. I've been mercury-free, mercury-safe dentist for over 37 years," Regiani says. He's also a founding member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, sharing solid research about alternative materials.

He also stopped using fluoride after learning about the negative impacts it has on the body. "It's far more important to help people learn about dietary options for a lifetime. Not only will small changes help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other oral problems, it helps their body stay healthy as a whole."

Regiani also advises his patients to look at vitamin D levels, which can lead to tooth decay. He helps them examine their diet for hidden sugar intake, which can cause erosion and reduced pH levels in the mouth.

When the need arises, Regiani says he's also able to refer patients to other health care providers such as nutritionists and traditional orthodontists.

"The mouth is a barometer of the body," he says. "It's not just about the teeth. We work with oral wellness for systemic wellness and how it impacts the patient's overall health for a lifetime."

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