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A Beautiful Life


Where women pick apart how their bodies look and find fault with their faces, Ashley Valentina Hosey only sees a beautiful canvas to tell their true stories.


“I think that’s really where it’s difficult to see as an artist,” the Southfield mom of one says about all the negative self-talk she hears from women and sees all over social media, especially from working moms who are self-conscious and feel guilty prioritizing self-care. “I see so much beauty.”

It’s little wonder she’s in such high demand from models, new brides, teens and celebrities for her makeup and special effects work throughout metro Detroit as she brings out stories through her brushes and sponges. When women leave the Ashley Valentina Artistry studio in Southfield, she says she hopes they feel more comfortable in the skin they are in and better loving themselves.

We spent some time with this self-taught artist, who has focused her life on fashion and beauty since she was a young girl, to chat about being a “boy mom” to 8-year-old Ace, all while building her business.

What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a parent?

“Not to be hard on yourself as a parent,” she says. “There’s so many manuals and books and right ways to do this and do that but I’ve learned to just be yourself and love your kids.” She’s learned patience and to just be there for her son, with 100 percent focus on him when they are together.

Over the years, she’s struggled with the mom guilt, forgetting about self-care. But she says she’s learned more about balance — for her, it’s using the planners she has stashed everywhere. When she finds a blank spot on the planner, it’s self-care time or quality time with her husband of 11 years, Adam.

See Ashley in Action

Try out Ashley’s easy lion makeup to add a little professional touch to your kiddos costume this year. Feeling bold? Try a prosthetic using her more advanced guide. It’s not as hard as you might think!



With beauty such a big part of your life, what are you teaching Ace about beauty?

“I’m teaching him about confidence, going out and being comfortable in the skin you are in,” she says, adding that Ace wears glasses and has long hair. “I don’t want him to feel self-conscious. I let him know, ‘hey, this is who you are, be comfortable in your skin, love yourself and it’s OK to be different.’ There’s nothing wrong with being different.”

She says he’s very aware of fashion and that she and Adam give him room to be creative with his look.

She jokes that she always thought she wanted a daughter because she’s such a girly girl, but has discovered that being a boy mom is awesome. He wants to be outdoors, running and playing, she says. “It helps me get out of this girly-girly comfort zone because, for so long, I didn’t want to get my hands dirty. I can just let go when I am with my son.” Plus, she’s discovered a “boy mom” secret: boys love to cuddle.


your most hated chore:

“I don’t like doing laundry.”

your dream:

To have a cosmetic line and one day to work at the Grammys or Academy Awards.

What you do for date night:

“We like to go to the (Detroit) Riverwalk. We like to take walks by the water or go to a restaurant we’ve never been to to eat something new.” They also like couple’s massages.

The one thing you can’t leave home without:

“My phone. I use my phone as a mirror whenever I’m out and on the go. I would drive back home to get my phone if I leave it.”

What you hope your son says about you:

“I hope he says that his mom is very creative, his mom is a hard worker, his mom is very cool. I want to be cool for him.” She says she tries to be an example for him.

What are the fall makeup trends for moms?

Hosey says it’s all about simple and natural. Look for beautiful reds and coral/orange matte lipsticks — gold is even coming back! — along with nude matte eye shadow and natural, wispy lashes. She notes, though, that lash extensions and magnetic lashes are still pretty big, especially to make the eyes pop on Zoom.

What Is your best advice to other moms?

“Go ahead and chase your dreams. It doesn’t stop at being a mom, it doesn’t stop at being a wife. You can still chase your dreams. Take it one day at a time.”

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