Season’s Eatings: Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale Recipes

When it comes to holiday baking, are you feeling ho-ho-ho or no-no-no? Our Christmas cookie Spirit Scale recipes have picks for the gleeful and the Grinches.

The stockings can go unhung. The artificial tree can sit this season out. And even the holiday spending can get scaled back.

But a December without cookies? Bah, humbug!

If we don’t get to indulge in a sweet, buttery holiday confection — preferably a variety made for this time of year — then it just isn’t the season. They are the “fa” in our “fa-la-la-la,” the Christmas Star in our holiday galaxy and the Red Rider BB gun in our Christmas Story.

But while having your house filled with the smell of ginger and spice is nice, it’s not always feasible. No worries! Whatever your holiday spirit level, we’ve got a cookie that will knock Santa’s socks off and make the season sweeter for the whole family.

Click on the links below to discover our Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale recipes – and find the full baking instructions!

Gingerbread cookies on a white plate
Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

Gingerbread Man Sandwich Cookies

Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale rating: 10

For the truly geeked and gleeful, whip up a batch of these over-the-top double-stacked gingerbread men that cradle homemade buttercream icing in between.

Cherry Cordial cookies on a red plate
Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

Cherry Cordial Cookies 

Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale rating: 8

A chocolatey cookie envelopes a maraschino cherry – all topped off with zigzags of white chocolate for a one-of-a-kind holiday sweet treat.

Sugar cookies on a white plate
Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

Chewy Sugar Cookies

Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale rating: 7

You’re already familiar with the classic frosted type of sugar cookie. Well, these simple-yet-delectable bad boys up the ante with an incredible chewy texture.

Holiday dream bar cookies on a white background
Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

Dream Bars

Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale rating: 5

While perhaps plain in appearance, our dream bars are packed with flavor and surprises, including coconut, nuts and a brown-buttery custard – yum.

Krisp Kringles cookies on a white background
Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

‘Krisp’ Kringles

Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale rating: 4

Think of them as Rice Krispies Treats’ chill holiday cousin. The mixture of chopped chocolate rice candy bars and Rice Krispies is a surefire kid pleaser.

M&M drop cookies on a red background
Photo by Lauren Jeziorski

Holiday M&M Drop Cookies

Christmas Cookie Spirit Scale rating: 2

If you’re too harried to embark on a baking marathon, reach for your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe – with a Christmas M&M twist.

Do you have other holiday cookies recipes that are great for making spirits bright? Share them with your fellow moms and dads in our virtual cookie swap. And don’t forget to check out our roundup of store-bought holiday cookies for those parties you just can’t find time to bake for. 


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