Ways to Keep Kids Active Indoors

Kids bored while stuck in the house? Kick the fun up a notch with these 15 ways to keep kids entertained indoors.

Families are spending more time inside than ever, which can lead to some serious cabin fever. Not to worry though — it only takes a bit of creativity and a few simple supplies to stay entertained indoors. Keep kids (and yourself) moving this winter with these fun and engaging activities.

Build the ultimate fort.

Gather up pillows, blankets and sheets from around the house and get to building a fort. Want to turn your fort into a cozy movie-viewing spot? Add twinkle lights! Kids can take their construction skills to the next level by using cardboard boxes or a fort building kit.

Play balloon badminton.

There’s nothing quite as entertaining to little kids as balloons. Make play time even more exciting with this activity. Plus, the game can easily be pieced together with items you have around the house, like paper plates and tape. Full instructions can be found at I Can Teach My Child.

Hold a “snowball” fight.

Stay warm and dry with an indoor snowball fight. Divide family members into teams or make everyone fend for themselves. This game is a perfect way to use up old, mismatched socks or use these soft “snowballs” for safe throwing.

Practice your hula hooping skills.

If you never quite learned to master the hula hoop as a child, now is the perfect time to brush up on your skills and create memories with your own kids. If you’re unsure of how to start, YouTube has tons of tutorials to help.

Play parachute.

Bring back the nostalgia of childhood P.E. class by playing parachute games. This handled parachute allows for plenty of players, but is still small enough to easily fit in your living room.

Hop around on “stepping stones.”

Set up throw pillows or these stepping stones around the room and get to hopping. Up the excitement by declaring the floor is water or lava. Kids will build coordination and balance while jumping from stone to stone.

Play glow stick hide and seek.

Glow stick hide and seek is a clever twist on everyone’s favorite indoor game. Hit up the dollar store for supplies, turn off all the lights and take turns hiding the sticks around your house. Get the tutorial at Busy Toddler.

Start a game of Simon Says.

No supplies or complicated rules are required for this classic game, and the best part is that kids of all ages can participate. Up the activity level with commands like hopping on one foot, waving arms, doing jumping jacks or running in place.

Create an obstacle course.

If you’re having one of the days where your kids seem to have boundless energy, have them build an over-the-top obstacle course. Items from around the house can be turned into different challenges, from jumping rope to crawling through a cardboard tunnel.

Play Red Light, Green Light.

The only requirement to play this game is a large open space since kids will be running, so don’t be afraid to get creative and use your basement or garage. If you need a refresher of how Red Light, Green Light works, Childhood 101 has full instructions, along with game variations.

Have a crab walk race.

Bust boredom quickly by teaching your kids how to crab walk. Up the silliness factor by making the activity into a competition. Siblings can race each other or get the whole family involved and play a game of kids versus parents.

Toss bean bags.

This activity is perfect for little hands, plus it teaches little ones coordination. Grab some bean bags and use laundry baskets or cardboard boxes as targets. Test kids’ throwing skills by moving the targets back every time they successfully make a basket.

Go on a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts work just as well inside as they do outside. Create a list of items for children to search the house for, like something squishy or an object that turns off and on. To make the game more educational, create a sight word scavenger huntor up the excitement level with a flashlight scavenger hunt.

Have fun with tape.

Have an extra roll of painter’s tape sitting around? That’s all you’ll need for an afternoon of tape games. Form a hopscotch board, create a race car track or lay out lines of tape and have kids practice their long jump.

Throw a dance party.

When else fails, nothing gets a child’s wiggles out faster than a dance party. This activity doesn’t have to be elaborate — just turn on the tunes and shake it out! Here is a kid-friendly dance party playlist to inspire you.


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