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Don't just survive school, thrive in school!

Not all students experience success in a typical classroom setting. The noise, size, and expectations of larger schools can be overwhelming to some students. The small and welcoming school environment at Aim High School engages students in a learning experience that allows them to thrive both academically and socially.

Founded in 2011 by a group of teachers, parents, and community members passionate about educating students with Asperger's Syndrome, Aim High has grown from eight to eighty students and has given hope to students with a variety of learning differences including autism, attention deficits and anxiety disorders. Through a comprehensive academic curriculum, diverse elective offerings, and extracurricular activities, students who attend Aim High School receive a typical middle and high school experience within a setting that better meets their needs.

"Many of the students who come to us have struggled in school, either socially or academically or both. Some were bullied, others were ostracized or failing. When students attend Aim High, we see remarkable transformations. We help students figure out their goals and develop friendships and make connections that stick with them beyond graduation," says Stephanie Ritter, Aim High's marketing director.

Life skills and communication classes, as well as physical education and student activities after school, provide time for students to develop important social skills. Learning to interact within group situations gives students time to build those connections and become comfortable being themselves among peers.

Small classes allow committed faculty the opportunity to get to know students and families on a personal level. This knowledge and intimate relationship make it possible for teachers to tailor coursework to each student's interests, skills, and needs and to help students realize their goals.

"One of Aim High's greatest strengths is the strong teacher-student bonds that are formed. When expectations are individualized and students know someone cares, success becomes possible," shares Ritter.

The social piece is a huge achievement for students, but Aim High enrollees experience great academic opportunities for success as well. From writing essays to discussing global issues, from conducting meaningful science experiments to solving differential equations, students utilize their abilities, talents, and interests to drive their personalized curriculum. Aim High's College Ready Program, Advanced Track, General Track, and Applied Learning Program, allow students to choose a path that is right for them, resulting in a corresponding diploma at graduation.

What about techies? For students who have an interest in tech areas, the technology track gives them the opportunity to take coursework in programming, robotics, digital media, video and audio production, and graphic arts as early as middle school.

"Aim High School delivers an exceptional education to students with a variety of learning differences. Our goal is to provide our students with the support they need to be successful learners and to thrive within our general educational setting," according to Ritter.

From a certified reading specialist who supports students to assistive technologies that allow the students to concentrate on academics without being overwhelmed by physical struggles, accommodations are key to each student's educational plan at Aim High. As students grow and mature, they are able to assess themselves and advocate for their own educational and personal needs.

Having a plan that makes the transition from high school and into college or the workforce is essential to helping students to continue to thrive. Beginning in middle school, students are paired with a Student Advisor who provides academic advising, helps set goals, and works on building transition skills.

Dual enrollment opportunities with local colleges and programs and assistance with the college application process aid students in making decisions about their next steps. Not all students plan to attend college, but all benefit from guidance in career exploration. Aim High connects students with internships and job shadowing at local businesses. In preparation, students work on life skills such as interviewing and creating a resume.

Support and planning doesn't end at graduation. The Fifth Year Option gives students the chance to extend high school to complete graduation requirements or for homework support during their first year of college. Aim High's transition program strives to give students the tools they need to choose the right path for them.

Whether a student's aim is college, a vocation, or work, Aim High students thrive in school and learn skills to achieve their goals that lead them on the path to a rewarding and independent life.

If you feel your student may benefit from a small school environment in Farmington Hills and would like to know if Aim High School is right for your 6th-12th grade son or daughter, visit our website at or contact us at or 248-702-6922.