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To best prepare students for the college and career adventures that lie ahead, students must go beyond memorization. Students today must learn the valuable skills of public speaking, research, collaboration, and much more. It takes extraordinary educators and a caring educational environment to bring these lessons to life. For decades we have nurtured the talent of our students, motivating them to reach their highest potential in education, the arts, athletics, and beyond. Our vision is to lead the nation in educating and empowering every learner, every day, with compassion and integrity in a welcoming environment.

And that's the kind of education children experience in Bloomfield Hills Schools. Students benefit from personalized instruction, supported by an array of hands-on educational and extracurricular experiences.

We help our students learn through experiences, because experiences are memorable Ñ and memorable learning leads to growth and achievement.

A student's success is built on a foundation of relationships and collaboration.

We have an incredibly strong emphasis on relationships and collaborative learning Ñ things we know will best prepare them for personal success beyond the classroom.

This focus begins in preschool and continues through high school graduation. Students collaborate, create, and problem-solve Ñ and are given the freedom to direct their own learning. There's a lot of student flexibility within the instruction.

Teachers play an integral role in a student's success. Each educator strives to get to know the whole child, understanding deeply how he or she learns.

When it comes to learning, there's no shortage of unique opportunities here. Aside from innovative classroom settings, students learn at both the E. L. Johnson Nature Center and the Bowers School Farm, which are both part of Bloomfield Hills Schools.

"We have instructional experiences at the farm and nature center for all students in the district," says Todd Bidlack, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services.

The E. L. Johnson Nature Center, which sits on 40 acres, features walking trails, an inland pond and instructional buildings like a log cabin. Here, students can explore the grounds and try hands-on activities, such as scooping frogs right out of the pond to study them up close or tapping maple trees to make maple syrup.

The 96-acre Bowers School Farm offers students an up-close look at sheep, horses, rabbits, goats and other farm animals Ñ and a chance to learn about their purpose on the farm through unique place-based education.

Inside the classroom, this sort of experiential learning continues. And it starts young. Instead of learning about Marie Curie and Albert Einstein by reading a few chapters in a book, elementary students immerse themselves in each historical figure's time period, learn about that person Ñ from their success to their dress Ñ and put on a "living wax museum" showcase to share their findings with their families. At the showcase, Bidlack says, visitors push a paper "button" that makes the wax figure (aka the student) come to life. Through this showcase, students learn public speaking and presentation skills, research skills, and resourcefulness when it comes to their costume choices.

"Demonstrations of learning are so powerful," says Bidlack. "When students learn to see the world through someone else's eyes, it opens a world of future learning and growth."

These opportunities are just a sliver of the experiences available to students in Bloomfield Hills Schools, open to students residing in the district boundaries and some families outside of the boundaries. For families living outside of the district, but wanting a Bloomfield Hills Schools education for their child, we offer a tuition program.

Families who are interested in touring one of the schools or enrolling in the district can begin here.