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At just 17 and 18 years old, students are selecting careers and paths to take after their high school graduation. It's often years later that they determine that course, career or life path just wasn't for them. That's where Careers 4 Me can help. The professional career advisers at Careers 4 Me help students define the best path for their future and explore potential career options before they waste time or money.

Dan Frederick says he started Careers 4 Me to help students connect with their futures before making any commitments.

"Parents understand that society forces our students to make decisions that impact their entire future during their junior and senior years of high school and their freshman year of college," he says. "If they do as much as they can to prepare in those years, it can prevent problems down the road. You can't make a smart career decision if you don't have accurate, current information."

Careers 4 Me can help reduce student college debt by avoiding unneeded classes early, Frederick says. It helps students easily network with those who have first-hand, current career experience. Through Careers 4 Me, Frederick facilitates interaction between students and business professionals who have worked in the field.

Students complete a free online profile at and arrange for a phone conversation with Frederick. During that call, Frederick asks more questions and gathers appropriate information to match them with a professional in their prospective field.

"I look for people with certain types of experiences or criteria provided by the student. Students want to talk to someone who is currently doing the work that they want to do," Frederick says. He seeks out the professionals through resumes and career profiles.

Frederick presents the information to the students and their parents and, once they agree to a particular professional, they make a payment online and receive the professional's contact information. The student reaches out to the professional to arrange for a phone call, in-person or video conference meeting.

"I'm not trying to find someone who could become a mentor for them or even make the final decision on which career field to enter," Frederick says. Instead, he tries to find someone who can lay out the ins and outs of the job. The professionals can talk about what they like, what they don't like, how a day is structured and what experience they wish they had coming into the job. Most importantly the adviser will be able to explain why they believe their career field will be a solid choice for the future.

These services are for students going to college and also those looking at skilled trades. Frederick says students in their early high school years can start planning for their futures and consulting with Careers 4 Me.

"Sometimes kids don't have any interest in doing something that serious at that age, but it's important if parents can get them to focus on it. Society forces students to start prepping for their careers earlier and earlier. After you've been at the job for a year, you don't want to find out it isn't for you and be forced to start over," he says. "This is also about helping them connect with people they can meet that can be helpful in making a decision. You can get information from friends and family and there is a lot of information on the internet, but our services help the students learn first-hand about what they can expect from a career."

For more information on how Careers 4 Me can help students prepare for their futures, visit the Careers 4 Me website.