Charyl Stockwell Academy District

9758 E. Highland Road
Howell, MI, 48843, US

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Families looking for a school district that takes a "whole child" approach to education can look no further than the Charyl Stockwell Academy District.

Founded in 1996, the commitment to the mission of providing a safe place to grow and learn has never wavered or lost its inspiration. It has been developed, deepened and refined into five core philosophies and extensive research-based best practices that directly align to and drive the mission. The Academy understands that inside the mission of a safe school is student learning and achievement at the highest level.

CSA District consists of CSA Elementary Ñ located in Hartland Ñ and CSA Preparatory Academy Middle School and CSA Preparatory Academy High School Ñ located in Brighton Ñ and provides a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment for students to develop academically, socially, physically and morally.

"CSA is steeped in best practice including team teaching, multiage classrooms and a continuous progress mastery learning model that allows students to advance through the curriculum at their own pace," says Jessica Moceri, principal of CSA Elementary School, which enrolls students in grades kindergarten through 5.

"Teachers work in collaborative teams to develop units of study (UbDs) in which they think first about the enduring understandings they want their students to gain from the unit of study," Moceri says. "The UbD planning process and our high expectations research-based instructional model facilitates learning at a deep level ensuring all students achieve mastery of the curriculum."

This curriculum framework is just one element involved in student success at CSA District, which also boasts a comprehensive character education program and innovative academically gifted program.

CSA Elementary

Beginning at CSA Elementary, students are provided the opportunity to advance at their own pace in each classroom. Outside of the elementary school classroom, they are given the chance to participate in a wide-range of athletic enrichments, in addition to Lego League (Intro to Robotics), Chess, a Young Rembrandts Drawing Class, Yoga and more. A licensed child care is provided, as well, for families who may need before- and after-school care for their children.

"A student's elementary journey through CSA will prepare them with the skills they need to master the rigorous IB Diploma Programme that is offered at CSPA High School," Moceri says.

CSA Middle and High School

At the middle and high school levels, Steven Beyer, theprincipal of CSA Preparatory Academy, which welcomes students in grade 6-12, says that all students will engage in an IB Ñ also known as International Baccalaureate Ñ experience. Nearly half of the students are pursuing the full IB programme in high school, he adds. In addition to IB, students can participate in Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses Ñ all to prepare them for life outside of CSA District.

"They are leaving the academy college-ready and that's something the school is proud of," Beyer says.

The mission-driven school, which boasts small class sizes and a private school feel, prides itself in offering a comprehensive learning experience.

"We continue to be one of the top performing schools in the county and in the state on the SAT," Beyer says.

In addition to academics, the school features an award-winning Robotics team, award-winning sports teams, drama, band and a variety of student clubs.

Parents play a big role in student success, too, and they are encouraged to be involved in parent groups or visit the school if they'd like. "The heart and soul of our school is about developing positive relationships," Beyer says. "We really are one big family."

CSA District continues its work to refine and move forward its mission, inspired by the simple but profound charge of providing a safe place for children to grow and learn. Although many goals are in place, the one continuous overarching goal that remains central to the work being done is: All students will experience love and belonging in their classroom and school; all students will experience a school environment that is free of coercion by adults and the use of heavy reward and punishment to control them; that every student knows their dignity is protected; that every student knows that their teacher believes in their high capacity for learning and inherent goodness; and that their school is a place of happiness and excitement for learning.

For more information, or to enroll, visit the CSA District website.