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22305 W. 13 Mile Road
Beverly Hills, MI, 48025, US

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At Detroit Country Day School (DCDS), each student is part of the community. With small class sizes and an individual approach to each child, DCDS is a place where students can thrive in academics, arts and athletics, while becoming global citizens who help shape the world.

Tim Bearden, Chief Academic Officer at DCDS, says the school uses an EPIIC approach when it comes to its students.

"That's an experiential, participatory, image-rich, interdisciplinary and connected instructional plan. Our approach immerses kids in what they learn instead of being passive recipients to learning," Bearden says. "We use that model throughout the entire school. The goal is to develop students into creative problem solvers."

DCDS does this by giving students a broad range of opportunities starting as early as pre-kindergarten.

"The school introduces children to ideas they didn't realize would be an area of interest," Bearden says. "We help a child find his or her true passion."

Consistent with the school's EPIIC instructional approach, DCDS has facilities, furnishings and spaces designed to spark creativity and experiential learning. In recent years the school has redesigned flexible classroom and learning spaces, created makerspaces for students to explore, developed new arts classrooms, performance and common spaces, and built new baseball and softball fields.

"Our commitment to an EPIIC experience is complete. All of our facilities and spaces are congruent with experiential, participatory, image-rich, interdisciplinary and connected learning," elaborated Bearden. "Both our newly completed Middle School expansion and our extensive Lower School renovations that are breaking ground this fall have been designed around the 21st century EPIIC model."

To help promote the school's motto "A sound mind in a sound body," all students participate in the arts, athletics, and complete community service projects at the Upper School.

DCDS has a rigorous academic program. The average ACT score is 29. The average Advanced Placement test score is 3.99 out of a possible 5, and the school gives approximately 600 AP tests per year. Additionally, 100 percent of Upper School students graduate and move on to a four-year college.

Through its Global Initiatives Program, DCDS prepares students to be worldly, empathetic and altruistic citizens. Upper School students can participate in the International Baccalaureate Program, a Global Scholars Program or a Global Community Program, which gives them a special designation on their diploma.

In addition to traditional offerings like soccer, volleyball, baseball and basketball, Middle and Upper School students can participate in sports such as sailing, rock climbing, mountain biking, bowling, skiing and golf.

The Lower and Junior Schools' Junior Jacket Sports Program teaches young students gross motor skills, visual motor coordination, teamwork, social skills and the rules of sports. The program offers baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, martial arts, soccer, volleyball and yoga, among others.

DCDS is dedicated to promoting the fine arts, theater, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, literary arts and dance courses, which are available for students of all ages. Bearden says even the youngest students participate in the annual Celebrate the Arts festival, which features displays original art and theater, dance and musical performances in the school's state-of-the-art facilities. Upper School students with a passion for developing a career in the arts can participate in the rigorous Conservatory of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts program.

"We have after-school and weekend programs to foster student interest in areas outside of academics. Immersion in these programs begins when students enroll at three years old," Bearden says.

While DCDS has a pre-kindergarten through 12th grade program, students can enter the school at any grade.

"DCDS is a very community-oriented school that emphasizes the same ideals and principles from Pre-K through grade 12. We want our kids to be great citizens of the world, be innovators and leaders, and advance the school's traditions and philosophies," Bearden says.

DCDS has four campuses. The Maple Road Campus in Bloomfield Hills currently houses PK3 Ñ JK. The Village Campus in Bloomfield Hills currently houses grades K - 2. The Hillview Campus in Beverly Hills has separate wings for grades 3 -5 and grades 6 Ñ 8. The Thirteen Mile Campus in Beverly Hills is where grades 9 Ñ 12 resides.

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