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Any good parent wants the absolute best education for his or her kids, but with virtual classrooms, charter schools, public districts and school of choice, it is harder than ever to decide which option is right.

So how is a metro Detroit family to choose?

With more than 100 conveniently located schools that cater to kids of varying abilities in preschool through 12th grade, plus a strong dedication to student performance and development Ñ Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) should be a top contender for any parent.

DPSCD is a public school option for kids who live in the city of Detroit, or non-residents whose parents choose to utilize Michigan's school of choice.

Similar to most public school options, students that attend DPSCD will get a quality education and can participate in numerous after-school activities including sports and special interest clubs.

But students at DPSCD get more than that.

They get their education with top-notch faculty that have developed a plan to rebuild the district and launch it into a new era filled with revamped polices, systems and processes that are all centered on the student.

This plan, which has been dubbed the "Blueprint 2020 plan," started with a conversation among district stakeholders, parents, community members, teachers and students to pinpoint things that could be improved within the district.

Through that conversation, the district was able to develop a three-year course of action that prioritizes student achievement, develops a culture of commitment to each child and focuses on six "core values."

At the top of the list of these values Ñ which also includes excellence, integrity, equity, service and tenacity Ñ is the district's "student first" approach.

This approach puts the students at the forefront of every decision that the district makes and allows educators who work with the students to take a look at each one of their individual student's strengths, talents and interests.

This in turn gives DPSCD the opportunity to develop programming that gives students more opportunities than ever before. In fact, it was the driving force behind the decision to rebuild art programming and restore physical education courses throughout the district, among other efforts.

While students may be at the forefront of this plan, Blueprint 2020 also puts an emphasis on the teachers.

In addition to new educational and extracurricular programming, DPSCD has balanced a $732 million budget to invest in recruiting and retaining the best teachers through professional development and recognition.

But that's not all. The district also offers literacy programming, college prep courses and career pathway options, along with several community engagement opportunities and community partnerships, to give students the opportunity for hands-on job training and other educational experiences.

"It's about pathways and making sure that our students are more than ready for college and career," Dr. Nikolai Vitti, the district's superintendent says. "It's about giving every child a fair opportunity to use their God-given talents, abilities and reach to exceed their potential. It's about giving children an opportunity to do better than their parents and their grandparents."

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