Eton Academy

1755 E. Melton Road
Birmingham, MI, 48009, US

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Eton Academy, a private school in Birmingham, specializes in kids with unique learning abilities in grades 1-12.

"Eton has been serving the metro Detroit area for over 30 years, and is structured to serve students who learn differently," says Pete Pullen, Head of School at Eton Academy.

For families who have been told their kids can't learn Ñ and for the children who have struggled to grasp concepts Ñ a little help from Eton goes a long way. Whether your child has dyslexia, ADHD or a processing disorder, or just does better in a smaller classroom environment, they can still succeed inside the classroom. At Eton, your student is given the tools and strategies to succeed in school and life.

It starts with understanding the way each child learns.

"With Eton's help, student learn how they learn best, while developing strategies they will use throughout their lives," Pullen says of Eton's students.

With Eton's neurodevelopmental and research-based approach, each piece of the student's learning puzzle is analyzed and helps the teacher understand a child's learning difference. This process works in tandem with helping the student gain self-confidence, building relationships and more.

"The goal is to prepare students for success," Pullen says.

Kids learn a rigorous curriculum in classrooms of 10 or less students. The high-quality, individualized instruction students receive in class anchors them in their strengths and empowers teachers to figure out what kids like and what they're good at Ñ all while helping kids move forward in their education.

Just as students are learning, so are parents. In fact, moms and dads are given tools to help them understand exactly how their child learns. "It is about the family's success in addition to the individual child," Pullen says.

A key part to the success students find at Eton is teaching students how to self-advocate for their needs. Students also may have to overcome certain stigmas that still exist around learning differences.

"There is a movement afoot to better serve all learners throughout the educational community. However, we still see more students who learn differently left behind, leaving students with learning differences feeling like they cannot learn, or are not capable," Pullen says. "Eton is a place where students get what they need to learn, find success, and regain the confidence they once had as a younger child."

Outside of the classroom, students can participate in a number of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, including theater, music and art programs, sports, and specific interest clubs. And, just like any other school, there are school dances, movie nights and other social opportunities for students to participate in.

Ultimately, Eton Academy's goal is to transition kids to their school of choice, Pullen says. Some students at Eton transition after three to five years, while other students stay through graduation. Eton boasts a 100-percent graduation rate, he adds, with 97 percent of its students accepted and attend a higher education institution.

"We measure our program by the number of students who transition successfully. I'm proud of the work that our teachers do that produces such an impressive rate of success for our students," he says.

Eton attracts students from seven different counties and over 50 cities across Southeastern Michigan. "Parents see that the investment is worth it for their family's success," he adds.

Families interested in enrolling their children at Eton don't have to wait until the next school year.

"Struggling students don't have to stay in an environment that isn't working. We want to rebuild their confidence as quickly as possible so they can feel the success we know is possible," he says. For this reason, enrollment is open throughout the school year.

For more information on Eton Academy, call 248-642-1150 or visit the Eton Academy website.