Frankel Jewish Academy

6600 W. Maple Road
West Bloomfield, MI, 48322, US

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A challenging Jewish studies curriculum paired with strong general studies that focus on creativity and compassion is what allows students at Frankel Jewish Academy to excel in college and throughout the rest of their lives.

FJA, which is located in West Bloomfield, offers its students a different high school experience Ñ one that is focused on innovation and rewriting their stories among other driven students who appreciate their Jewish culture and the ethics that guide their ambition for the future.

The faculty at FJA knows that each student is different and has his or her own path to future success. At this Jewish college-preparatory high school, which serves grades 9-12, students can take ownership of their education by pursuing their personal interests and building skills through immersive experiences. The school offers a flexible structure that gives students the chance to pursue their interests Ñ whether it's in a particular subject or an extracurricular activity.

At FJA, supportive faculty and an excellent dual curriculum emphasize individual identity while honoring a heritage of shared experiences. FJA's focus on the whole student gives each resources and opportunities to flourish in the real world. The school inspires the next generation of young Jewish adults to identify, establish, and celebrate who they are.

FJA is expanding its opportunities for "ed-venture." As students grow in the classroom, they have an opportunity to stretch their wings outside the classroom.

Each grade at FJA will go on a journey of discovery. This year, the ninth graders will spend a week in Montana with the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and in Yellowstone National Park learning about heritage and ritual, as well as exploring the natural world around them.

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