Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool of New Hudson

58019 Grand River Ave.
New Hudson, MI, 48165, US

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Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschool of New Hudson is more than just a day care or early learning center. The facility aims to be a second home for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.

They offer part-time and full-day programs to meet each family's needs. The program directors make sure to get to know the families and help integrate them into the school so that each family feels like Gilden Woods is a home away from home.

Gilden Woods offers a unique curriculum that is designed to help each child thrive. Each classroom has their own curriculum and goals.

Gilden Woods uses their proprietary industry respected curriculum package, which is a holistic approach to learning. It integrates components from Creative Curriculum, Baby Signs and the Gilden Woods C.O.R.E Language and Literacy, along with the award-winning Learning Without Tears program. These components help create a strong, measurable curriculum that works for each child.

As children get older, they step into their K-Prep Preschool program. This program combined with their curriculum package prepares Preschoolers and Young 5s for kindergarten.

They also offer various enrichment programs including S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), music, fitness and foreign language. Each enrichment program is included in tuition.

Gilden Woods offers a school-aged Explorer Programs for major school breaks as well as before and after school care. The Explorer Programs are interactive and include field trips, learning opportunities and fun indoor and outdoor activities based on themed curriculum.

Gilden Woods features enhanced security measures from sign-in and sign-out procedures to their AppleCams, which allows families to view their child anytime using a computer or mobile device. AppleGrams, are electronic updates on a child's activities during the day. They highlight where they are in their curriculum, exciting classroom happenings, individual milestones and anything else parents might want to know about their child's time at Gilden Woods. Parents can check AppleGrams as they are updated.

Beyond the classrooms, students and families are able create connections with other families throughout the year. Every month they have planned family activities from field day and carnivals to parents' night out.

Gilden Woods knows that a positive experience starts with their team members. They have special staff training for continuing education and offer their own training through their proprietary program called Gilden Woods University. They hope to help teachers grow professionally within their company.

Gilden Woods of New Hudson is located at 58019 Grand River Ave. For more information on the curriculum and services provided at the school, visit the Gilden Woods New Hudson website.