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The Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) serves the 21 public school districts, charter schools and private/parochial schools in Macomb County. It is the largest ISD in Michigan that provides direct services to students with special needs in the following districts:

MISD staff helps bring best practices to the classroom, impacting some 150,000 students in both public and nonpublic schools. The MISD uses resources to provide quality educational opportunities for general education and special education students, technical and instructional support to school employees, and leadership in all areas impacting education.

The MISD's Educational Service Center, which is located in Clinton Township, is aptly named Ñ it is a center for education. Most days the training rooms are filled with "students" Ñ school staff who themselves are learning. It is estimated that annually more than 30,000 participants attend workshops and meetings on education-related topics hosted by the MISD.

Special Education

There are approximately 19,000 students in the MISD challenged by needs that make them eligible for special education. These needs arise from physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities making it difficult for the students to meet certain academic standards without additional assistance and services.

The MISD takes pride in providing a continuum of services and programs to students with such diverse needs. Programs and services range from assistance to students within their own district classrooms to the operation of special schools and programs.

The Special Education Department provides leadership and support in the implementation of Special Education Programs and Services in Macomb County. It provides current information on rules, regulations, procedures and policies in the operation of special education for local districts, Public School Academies and MISD Schools.

The MISD works collaboratively with those entities, including, nonpublic schools, to make sure the education of students with disabilities is appropriate. In addition, information and trainings to assist educators and administrators who perform such functions as evaluations and Individualized Education Programs is provided.

The MISD Department of Center Programs provides support, training and services for Macomb County's local school district staff, students and families. Center Programs also works collaboratively with Local Educational Agencies (LEA), Special Education Director who through a referral process request assistance for students requiring more intensive educational supports.

The MISD operates the following Center-Based programs:

  • Macomb Infant Preschool Program (Birth to 3 special education students)
  • Severe Emotional Impairment (Maple Lane Elementary, Rockwell Middle School, Neil Reid High School)
  • Keith Bovenschen School and Glen Peters School (SXI, SCI, MoCI)
  • Severe AI Program (Bozymowski Secondary and Elementary Centers)
  • Lutz School for Work Experience (Post-Secondary Transition Ñ ages 18-26)
  • Macomb STEP (North & South, Post-Secondary Transition Ñ ages 18-26)

The MISD LEA Center-Based Program Classrooms:

  • Physical Impairment (Warren Woods, Mt. Clemens, Utica, Van Dyke)
  • Severe Speech & Language K-3 (Warren Woods, Fraser)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Lakeview, Roseville, Utica)
  • Moderate Cognitive Impaired (Lake Shore, Warren Consolidated)

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of parents of children with special needs. Participating parents are recommended by their local school districts and appointed by the Macomb Intermediate School District Board of Education. Care is given in this process to assure the PAC membership also represents the various impairments of students enrolled in those programs.

The PAC of Macomb County assists parents in local districts in obtaining appropriate special education services for their children with special needs. In addition, the committee provides support to local school districts and assists in developing and updating the Macomb County Mandatory Plan for Special Education.

The PAC also provides intercommunication, awareness and involvement between parents, the community, local Boards of Education, the Intermediate School District, the State Department of Education, and the State Board of Education.

The MISD staff is committed to an educational program of options that recognize the unique value, needs and talents of each student.

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