Macomb Montessori Academy

14057 E. Nine Mile Road
Warren, MI, 48089, US

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Each child learns in a different way and at a different pace Ñ and at Macomb Montessori Academy, located in Warren, students are encouraged to do just that. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to learning at this tuition-free Montessori school for kids in kindergarten through grade 6.

With multi-aged classrooms and a student-centered approach, Macomb Montessori Academy gives students the opportunity to learn the way that's best for them Ñ all while helping them meet their academic goals.

"Students can guide their own learning," says Cheryl Paull, the head of school at Macomb Montessori Academy. "It's not a sit-and-get type of curriculum."

Class sizes are small, ranging from 20 to 25 students, and include one teacher and a teacher's assistant.

Character development is an important component to the curriculum. Each student participates in the school's Character Education Program, which focuses on a different trait each month Ñ including compassion, citizenship and perseverance. In conjunction, students take part in Peace Education, which helps each child communicate his or her feelings in a constructive way. Each classroom also has its own "peace corner" for kids to be able to take a few moments to regain their composure.

The school strives to teach students that the "world is so much bigger than where we come from Ñ it's bigger than Warren or Detroit or Eastpointe," Paull adds. She is passionate about getting her students to understand that the world is a big place.

"We are a culturally diverse school that celebrates the differences of our students," Paull says. "Everything that we do is based on teaching our students everything that we can about people with different cultures and different beliefs."

Families are invited to the school at least once each month for a special event, including trunk-or-treat and holiday-themed shindigs. This helps keep parents and grandparents connected to the school. The school officially launched its PTO this year, too.

A STEAM program is the newest addition to Macomb Montessori Academy. The school plans to develop a community garden and utilize its existing greenhouse as a way to further each student's STEAM education and fuel their interest in STEAM-related topics.

Before- and after-school care is provided through Playworks, a nonprofit organization. In addition, the school offers after-school clubs based on students' interests. These clubs are offered in fall, winter and spring and take place Monday through Thursday. Over the years, clubs have included coding, chess, drama, knitting, sign language, girls basketball and flag football.

Second Home Child Development Center Ñ a free Montessori-based preschool Ñ is housed in the same building. Paull, along with Michelle Nighbert of Second Home, work closely together to provide a positive environment for students. Each administrator believes every child is important and can thrive with the right support.

And that's just what they provide to students.

To learn more about this tuition-free Montessori school, visit the Macomb Montessori Academy website.