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Every parent wants a top-of-the-line education for his or her child, and that is exactly what he or she can expect from Romulus Community Schools.

This Wayne County public school district includes one pre-k learning center, four elementary schools, and a separate middle and high school to serve local students in grades K-12.

Additionally, the district offers early college prep and an adult education program for students age 18 and older who want to earn their high school diploma or GED. The district's growing virtual learning center for high schoolers supports students who may want an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar learning environment.

But, providing educational offerings to all isn't the only thing that makes this district stand out. Romulus Community Schools is focused on innovation and technology, too.

"We're laser focused on providing more innovation and technology opportunities across the district," says Dawn Jamison, the district's chief communication officer. "Parents want to know that their kids are able to compete on a larger scale when it comes to academics and that's what we're providing."

In fact, Romulus Community Schools was selected as one of 30 schools in Michigan Ñ one of 1,000 across the United States Ñ to be granted a partnership with Amazon to provide their students a fully funded computer science course, she adds.

This funding will allow students from the district to fine-tune their computer skills and open up scholarship opportunities in the areas of computer science and engineering.

In addition, nearly all students work on Chromebooks (or iPads) and younger students who attend Wick Elementary Ñ and soon all four elementary schools Ñ can get started on science and robotics at an early age through the district's robotics club.

Technology is a major part of everyday life, Jamison says. "Even the little learners need to be able to navigate it … and honing in on the programs with software is critical, so we have our younger students utilizing new technology everyday."

While technology is priority in the district, it's not their only focus. Administration and school leaders also seek to keep a solid curriculum and stimulating extracurricular activities, too.

"It's a constant grind trying to create programs and activities in the schools," Jamison explains. "Last year, we began offering French class at the middle school level Ñ usually that's a high school course, but this is a global economy so language and expanding class offerings is important."

The district also offers an after-school coding program for kids in fourth and fifth grade, have reading interventionists in every elementary classrooms and a popular student-run restaurant in the high school. All of these programs will help students perfect skills necessary on their career pathways later in life.

On top of all of this, Romulus Community Schools offers small classroom sizes, which allow teachers to work more closely with students. Teachers are able to really focus on each individual student's needs, along with valuable community partnerships that get students more active in their community.

"We're just trying to be very focused on creating more academic opportunities and programs for students at all levels, across the districts," Jamison says.

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