Southfield Christian School

28650 Lahser Road
Southfield, MI, 48025, US

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Families looking for a strong academic environment with an equally strong Biblical foundation can look no further than Southfield Christian School, the 2018 and 2019 No. 1 ranked Christian school in the metro Detroit area (, serving children from age 4 up to 12th grade.

"We are a college prep school that focuses on both academics and spiritual growth," says Carri Hammers, the Admissions and Communications Director at Southfield Christian. "Our graduates are well prepared for college and we have a 100 percent acceptance rating for students getting into the colleges of their choice."

Southfield Christian is accredited by ISACS, the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, which sets high standards for its schools. Others ISACS schools in the area include University Liggett School, The Roeper School, Cranbrook, and Detroit Country Day School.

"We offer a strong academic program, one that is accredited alongside several other strong schools in the area, for nearly half the price," Hammers says. The school is a ministry of Highland Park Baptist Church and the cost of the school's operations are subsidized by the church, making it affordable to families.

From a young age, Hammers says that Southfield Christian sets high academic standards for the students. The solid foundation in grade school prepares the students to take advantage of the programs offered at the high school level.

Southfield Christian's high school academic programs include STEM courses, fine arts, numerous Advance Prep courses and embedded dual enrollment courses.

"There are also six dual enrollment classes embedded in our curriculum. Our dual enrollment courses are taught by professors at our school. It's a strong option for getting college credit while still in high school," Hammers says.

In addition to reading, English, math and social studies, Hammers says Bible class is one of the core classes for all students.

"Every student has a Bible class every single day. In addition to that, they attend chapel once a week. As they grow and mature, the Bible teaching gets more in-depth," Hammers says. "Our students aren't just memorizing facts and repeating information. They are asking questions and exploring facts. They are able to take what they are leaning in Bible classes and apply it to their lives."

The school offers more than just a rigorous academic schedule.

"We complete in Division IV athletics and we have nine state championships Ñ five in basketball and one in Track & Field in the last eight years. We are definitely competitive athletically." Hammers says.

Southfield Christian offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students in all grade levels. Even at the elementary level, students can choose from soccer and basketball programs, unicycle, gymnastics, dance classes, knitting classes and STEM groups.

Academics and extracurriculars aside, the teachers at Southfield Christian strive to make a positive impact on their students Ñ one that lasts a lifetime.

"What our alumni often talk about is the relationships they established with our teachers. They always look back and say ‘wow, I didn't realize when I was in the midst of it how much our teachers invested their time and care in us,'" Hammers says. "Students are not just another kid in the class. The teachers care about the lives of their students outside of the classroom. They come and cheer them on at games, dance recitals, plays and other events."

Hammers says students not only develop strong relationships with their teachers, but also their peers. She says the friendships they make at Southfield Christian last throughout their lives.

While Southfield Christian starts classes for students at 4 years old, Hammers says students enter the school at every grade level. It is required that applicants score in the 50th percentile or higher on a national standardized test and have a B average or higher in core classes at their previous schools.

"We also require that one or both parents are believers in Jesus Christ for their salvation and they have to be active in a church," Hammers adds. The admissions process at Southfield Christian includes a pastor and personal recommendation.

More than 140 churches in the metro Detroit area are represented through the students at Southfield Christian. In addition, Hammers says students participate in youth groups and other spiritual retreats together to strengthen their faith.

Southfield Christian is located at 28650 Lahser Road in Southfield. For more information, visit or call 248-357-3660.