The Student Connection

42717 Woodward Ave., Suite B
Bloomfield Township, MI, 48304, US
FROM THE Schools

The Student Connection, based in Bloomfield Hills, is more than just a place where students can get extra help in math, science and language arts. It's a place where students gain confidence, prepare for their future and build relationships, says Brigid Godvin, the owner of The Student Connection.

"We are an academic learning center and we tutor children in all subjects," Godvin says, including math, science, foreign languages, language arts, writing skills and a variety of other areas. "If students are having a hard time in school, we help them get back on track. Our goal is to get them back in a regular school situation, feeling good about themselves and feeling like they can handle it day-to-day."

Tutoring is different than teaching, Godvin says, and the tutors at The Student Connection are there to help meet the student's expectations, as well as the parents' expectations for learning Ñ but it all starts with developing a relationship and building on the basics.

"The better your study skills, the better you are able to take notes, the better you are able to see when you need to start studying, the more confident you are going to be and the more successful you are going to be," Godvin says.

The Student Connection is located on Woodward Avenue near Square Lake Road in Bloomfield Hills. The center provides a distraction-free area for students to learn. They work with students at all levels including those than learn differently.

"We're trying to get the students comfortable with themselves. We are really trying to teach them how they learn and that it's OK to learn differently than everyone else," Godvin says.

The Student Connection doesn't follow one specific program for tutoring. Each student is different and therefore each approach and style is different and personalized to the student, Godvin says. Students and tutors are placed together based on subject but also personality and learning style. Parents and teachers are involved in the process at The Student Connection, too.

"We try very hard to keep a continuous circle of communication open," she says. "We keep the parents, the teacher and, if necessary, the school informed of what we are doing so that everyone is on the same page."

Students who use The Student Connection are typically in fifth grade all the way through high school. There are no packaged programs and the center is available to students until they feel they don't need the service anymore. Some students come before exams or to get help with special projects. Godvin encourages parents to seek help for their students as soon as they see students is starting to struggle. Often the school isn't able to provide all of the adequate support they need.

"We'd like to start with them at the beginning of the class, or as close to it as possible, so we can see what they are learning, what the teacher's expectations are and go with the student on that journey," Godvin says. "The sooner we start in the school year, the better the success rate."

In addition to tutoring, The Student Connection does standardized testing prep for tests from High School Entrance Test, to ACT and SAT and up to and including graduate school entrance exams.

"We are very successful at taking a student from where they are to where they need to be. We are one of the few places that will work with students who have special accommodations, like needing extra time," she says. "We will work with their accommodations and teach them how to use them properly when it comes to an exam."

The Student Connection provides additional help for those who are looking to move on to college.

"We assist in college applications, college essays and can even help them get the right support when they go to college. We have tutors who can work with them at the college level and can work remotely wherever they are studying," Godvin says.

The Student Connection also offers boot camps and intensives for those looking to brush up on skills and techniques before taking college entrance exams and tests like the ACT and SAT. The Center is open year round with weekend and evening hours to fit students' busy schedules.

"Sometimes students need to know we have their backs and we aren't concerned about anything else. We're really here to make students successful and at the end of the day, we are here for the student," Godvin says.

For more information on The Student Connection, visit or call 248-326-6034.