Spark Center for Autism LLC

Discover how lives are changing as a result of the therapies used at this Farmington center, featured at the 2022 Living With Autism Workshop.



24125 Drake Road
Farmington, Michigan

Phone: 248-238-9772



  • ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, summer camp
  • Serves ages 18 months-10 years

About Spark Center for Autism LLC

The Spark Center for Autism is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with autism spectrum disorders by providing early intervention based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. Our primary goal is to increase functional skills and decrease behaviors that negatively impact daily living. 

We believe that the best outcomes are achieved by tailoring interventions to the individual based on their specific needs. We believe in working with families to share and teach these principles in order to help enhance the lives of children and their families. We focus heavily on coordinated care with other service providers and providing comprehensive care on site. 

We are also BHCOE accredited (the first agency in Michigan to receive the accreditation), and provide high-quality training to ensure the best possible care. Our employees are highly vetted and provided with extensive training that doesn’t stop at the end of a training period. Technicians are provided with ongoing training and support, and all staff are given continuing education opportunities.

We believe we have a responsibility to uphold best practice, which means only using interventions that are validated in current research. We are also deeply committed to promoting and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace and therapy center, in which we welcome, embrace, and respect the diversity of people, identities, and cultures.