3 Cool Kids Day Camps at Beverly Hills Club

Don't have a summer camp experience lined up for your child? It's not too late to sign up for one of these day camps for ages 3-12 at Beverly Hills Club.

Planning the perfect summer for kids isn’t easy. Parents want their children to be entertained and active while having fun and making new friends in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. Not to mention, they want the flexibility to pick and choose camp options based on their busy schedules.

At Beverly Hills Club, that’s exactly what families have been able to do since 1987, when the Oakland County health club began offering day camps for kids ages 3-12.

If you haven’t planned ahead this summer, don’t fret. There are spots available for three tried-and-true day camps. They offer the “ideal situation for working parents because the kids are active, supervised and safe plus have a loth of fun,” says Laura Yauck, manager at Beverly Hills Club.

These camps include free pre-camp care from 7:30 to 9 a.m. and post-camp care until 6 p.m., which is another bonus for busy moms and dads. Read on for more about these camps, which kicked off on June 10 and continue until Aug. 30.

Junior Camp

Kids ages 3-6 can have their very first camp experience at Beverly Hills Club.

“It’s the perfect first place for kids that are going to be just starting school, because it offers more structure,” Yauck says.

Children learn to listen and interact with other children as they participate in various activities. During camp, which has a different theme each week – including Splish Splash Fun and Motor City Cruisin’ – kids will make crafts, play indoors and outside and more.

Plus, each day, children also participate in both tennis and swim lessons, which is a unique component to this day camp.

Adventure Camp

Open to kids beginning at age 5, this camp offers a prime opportunity for kids to make camp friends.

“That’s the group you see going to the swimming pool paired up with their new best buddy,” she says. “Even the kids that come in the first day and don’t know anybody at all, by the second day, they come bouncing in so happy.”

This fun-for-all-kids camp is perfect for those who want to participate in obstacle courses, play games and do craft activities. Kids are non-stop all day. “Kids leave tired,” Yauck says.

Extreme Camp

Tweens ages 9-12 can venture off the grounds of the Beverly Hills Club for weekly field trips. Zap Zone, Play Atlantis, Lucky Strike and Dave & Busters are just some of the spots that camp participants can visit during this day camp (optional and an additional cost).

While this camp is structured like the other two camps, it allows these older kids the opportunity to have some flexibility in their schedule.

“They basically have a little more input on what they are doing and that’s huge for 9- to 12-year-olds,” Yauck says.

Additional camp details

Beverly Hills Club boasts several specialty camps, too, including the new Youth Fitness Camp, which is geared at ages 9-12 – along with Little Veterinarian Camp for first through fifth graders, Safety Camp for ages 4-7 and more. Tennis and swim camps are also offered for those who want to focus on these particular sports.

Children who participate in the Junior, Adventure or Extreme camps can also take part in one of these specialty camps, Yauck adds. “If they wanted to do a tennis camp and then finish the day in day camp, they have that flexibility.”

And when it comes to Michigan’s temperamental weather, there’s no reason to stress when it’s too hot or we have storms.

“Weather doesn’t restrict us in any way, because we have over 100,000 square feet of activity space,” she says. “We can do things with the kids. We have tennis for the kids, we have the gymnasium for the kids. There are so many areas that are used for camp.”

The camp experience is an enriching one for kids of all ages, and for parents, Beverly Hills Club offers a safe, comfortable environment for children to thrive in summertime – and make new friends, too.

“Instead of always feeling like the new kid on the block when they go to a different camp, they come in and they are comfortable and they have friends that they make that come week after week – and it’s a really nice setting for these kids.”

For more information on pricing and registration, visit the Beverly Hills Club website or download the program brochure.


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