AirTime Trampoline & Game Park Offers a Fun Time with a Focus on Safety and Community

Looking to plan your next birthday or family game night? Look no further. This Michigan-based park offers plenty of high-flying fun for all ages and is dedicated to giving back to locals.

Are you looking for a new activity for family night? A safe indoor environment where kids can blow off steam and even mom and dad can unwind and work out the stresses of the day?

AirTime Trampoline & Game Park, which has six locations in southeast Michigan, prides itself on offering a safer alternative to backyard trampolines. The Michigan-based company that was founded in 2012 has wall-to-wall trampolines for grown-ups and kids of all ages to hang out as a family.

“We’re all about family and friends jumping and having fun,” says Melissa Morris, the park’s director of marketing. “Our theory is if you can walk, you can jump, so we have kids as young as a year and a half and people as old as 92 that come to jump.”

And jumping is only half the fun at this spot because they also offer high-energy games, like basketball, which they call “slam dunk,” and dodgeball on their trampolines set to family-friendly tunes, which are spun by DJs on the weekends.

“Everything revolves around music,” Morris adds.

They even have a mosh pit for kids to jump into and a designated spot for smaller jumpers, if they feel intimidated by the big kids.

“One thing that sets us apart from other trampoline parks is that we don’t separate by family or by size,” Morris explains. “We do have our tweeter section, but it’s there only if the parent wants the children to have their own spot for jumping”

They also offer birthday party options that last up to two and a half hours and cover all the bases so that parents don’t have to.

“We do everything but the cake, so that it’s easier for families,” Morris says. “They don’t have to worry about anything.”

Health and safety

But it’s not all just fun and games at AirTime, Morris says that trampoline play can largely beneficial for kids health, too.

“Trampoline play is a great way for families to get out and get moving,” she explains. “It’s heart healthy, it helps kids sleep better at night – especially overactive kids – and has a calming effect and promotes stress relief.”

She says that adults are finding this a good form of exercise, too. And that the park is completely dedicated to ensuring a safe environment.

“Safety is our number one concern,” she says. “We have licensed EMT on board and our court monitors are trained to ensure the safety of the guests.”

They also require special safety grip socks on the trampolines, list the facilities rule around the park so that people are reminded how to act and ensure they stock top equipment.

“We take pride in safety and we take pride in the equipment we use,” Morris says.

Giving back

In addition to giving families the heart-healthy opportunity to play together, the company is also highly involved in the communities that house its parks and do a heavy amount of fundraising for schools, local business and other corporations.

The No. 1 fundraiser that they do are their “school nights out,” during which families in the area come out to the parks to jump on a predetermined night and identify that they are with the school putting on the fundraiser, according to Morris.

At the end of the night a percentage of the money they made that night goes back to the school. This process works similarly for other organizations that want to host a fundraiser at one of AirTime’s parks, too.

“We are very heavily community-based,” Morris adds. “We love giving back to the community and getting involved in the community.”

To find your closest AirTime Trampoline & Game Park location, hours or to inquire about a fundraising event in the park, visit


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