Alliance Française de Détroit: Celebrate French Language and Culture

There are so many benefits to learning a foreign language and French is a great language to know — for kids and parents alike. Learn more about what Alliance Française de Détroit offers. Bienvenue!

For kids growing up in today’s global environment, knowledge of a foreign language is important, say the experts at Alliance Française de Détroit, the nonprofit French language and cultural center in Farmington Hills. Through language, children gain a richer understanding of the wider world, says Francoise Guellec, Executive Director at Alliance Française de Détroit.

“Learning new words, new ways of writing or saying sounds, new ways of building phrases, new ways of thinking and learning about new cultures are all essential skills to understand each other in a global world,” says Guellec. For more than 30 years, Alliance Française de Détroit has shared its love for French language and French culture in the area.

For young people looking to work or live in various areas around the world, an understanding of French can help pave the way—and provide valuable insight into the global marketplace.

“The particularity of French is that it is spoken on five continents by 274 million people,” Guellec explains. “Speaking French opens the door to a large variety of cultures and the possibility to work for or with African, Canadian, French, or Swiss companies.”

Mastery of the French language paves the way to future international study, too. “France offers great schools in the technological domain as well as in business or art at great prices, so planning for higher education in France presents valuable advantages,” Guellec says.

Individuals and families seek out Alliance Française for a variety of reasons. “People come to prepare for a trip, for their job in or with a francophone country or francophone colleagues, for the beauty and the sound of the language, even for love,” Guellec says. Others want to reconnect with their French roots, to prepare for a French exam, for immigration, for school support, or to follow their passion for French history or culture.

Learn French at Alliance Française de Détroit

With a team of eight teachers who are either fluent in French or native French speakers, Alliance Française offers small class sizes, typically organized by age and experience level. For those who want to learn travel- or business-related phrases, Alliance Française offers French for Travelers and Business French. When possible, Alliance Française tailors programs for specific needs.

No matter the class, the goal is to develop French language skills confidently in a welcoming environment while learning French culture, too. Alliance Française offers monthly workshops and events to highlight specific aspects of French culture. These are open to everyone to attend, not only Alliance Française de Détroit students.

French culture for children

Alliance Française offers regularly scheduled events and special events. Regular events are typically offered monthly and include 1, 2, 3 Play in French and The Little Thinkers for children ages 6 to 12. “1, 2, 3 Play in French is a chance for kids to meet in person on Saturdays and play board games and practice French in a fun way, and The Little Thinkers helps students who already speak French express themselves and develop critical thinking,” says Guellec.

French culture for adults

For adults, online events include Les Happy Hours for an opportunity to practice French conversation skills and Cooking with Ariane where you can prepare French dishes and desserts—all while practicing your French.

During warmer weather, Alliance Française hosts monthly outdoor gatherings to play Pétanque, a French boule game fun for the whole family. Alliance Française also offers monthly French Film Nights where you can view francophone movies online or at the Alliance Française de Détroit.

Upcoming special events in March

La Francophonie: In March, celebrate French language and the culture of francophone countries. Alliance Française de Détroit is partnering with Travelbootik for a chance to win a one-week vacation in a North America ClubMed resort. Could you be the lucky winner? Visit for details.

French Heritage Night with the Detroit Pistons: Celebrate your French heritage at Little Caesars Arena as the Pistons take on the Atlanta Hawks on March 23, 2022. Arrive early for the pre-game performance and to receive a special souvenir! Learn more at

Bienvenue à l’Alliance Française

Whatever your skill level, become a member of the Alliance Française. Join a class or attend an event. Registration for our spring semester begins February 28. Classes begin April 4. Learn more at


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