Birth Centers Beyond Compare

Choosing where your baby will be born is one of the most important decisions you will make during pregnancy. You’ll want a place where your preferences are respected, where you feel supported by the medical professionals on staff, and where you and your baby will received the best care in the most comfortable atmosphere possible.

Beaumont Hospital has a great reputation among moms to be, and it’s for a good reason. All kinds of births are provided for and respected at the Karmanos Center For Natural Birth at the Royal Oak hospital, the Troy Family Birth Center in Troy or at the Cotton Family Birth Center in Grosse Pointe. Beaumont Birth Centers offer the best pain management in normal deliveries, immediate care for high-risk deliveries or emergency C-sections, and even options for people who want the peacefulness of a home birth.

“I think that the hospital really strives to be as patient friendly as possible,” says Dr. Jay Fisher, a Beaumont obstetrician. “I think the nursing staff is outstanding and does everything they can to make it as positive an experience as possible for every patient. They are as adaptable and flexible as can be to provide the patient the best experience possible.”

The most recent addition is the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth at Beaumont Royal Oak. It provides for a home-like, low-intervention birth that allows mothers to take charge of the process. It also offers all the high-tech equipment of surgical suites and a Level I NICU right down the hall in the unlikely event a mother or baby needs lifesaving treatment.

Beaumont offers a baby-friendly hospital model, which encourages bonding between mother and child to facilitate breastfeeding. It also has certified lactation consultants on staff who are available to mothers after discharge, in order to give them the best possible chance at breastfeeding successfully.

In both the natural birth and more traditional settings, every effort is made to provide a comfortable environment for families as they welcome their newest members. Newly-minted big brothers and sisters are free to visit during labor or once baby is born (and sometimes get slipped a special snack from a friendly nurse) and partners are treated as important to the process instead of supporting roles. Private suites allow mothers to recover in peace and rest before bringing baby home.

The entire atmosphere is created to make mothers, babies and the people who love them feel well-cared for, listened to and respected.

“Beaumont is a hospital where there are a lot of different private practitioners on staff who make sure patients are getting what they want,” says Fisher. “They are paying attention to what the patient’s concerns and desires are to make it as good an experience as possible for every patient.”


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