Fast Breakfast Tips and Recipes for Kids

For one less thing to worry about on a hectic morning, here are some healthy breakfast choices your kids will love — from the experts at Milk Means More.

Mornings are chaotic for everyone. Between waking kids up, getting them dressed and making sure they’re ready for school, it’s easy for that healthy breakfast to get lost in the mix. But with easy, make-ahead recipes, you don’t have to sacrifice healthy for quick and delicious. You can have it all, says Kathi Eckler, Chief Marketing Officer and registered dietitian at United Dairy Industry of Michigan.

Prioritizing your breakfast routine is a big help. “One thing that should be consistent in every house is starting the day with a good breakfast,” says Eckler. It all starts with breakfast, so set your kids up for success with these recipes they’ll love.

Breakfast balancing act

A breakfast with a balance of whole grains, fruit, and a protein food like dairy is shown to improve kids’ performance in school, Eckler says. Smoothies make a great on-the-go breakfast for your kids to grab on the way out the door, so even the busiest schedule won’t mean missing important morning nutrition. Try the Blueberry Banana Blast and the Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie — they’re both a great way to make sure your child has the nutrients they need for a productive day.

For especially hectic mornings, the freezer is your friend! To save even more time, portion out the ingredients into bags and freeze ahead of time. In the morning, throw everything in the blender and have a satisfying, healthy breakfast in just minutes! Or, for something warm, try these Freezer-Friendly Egg Sandwiches, warm from the microwave in just 90 seconds.

Get in on the overnight oats trend! Soaking rolled oats in milk and yogurt overnight makes for a creamy, refreshing, and satisfying start to the day. This quick, make-ahead breakfast has so many variations that even the pickiest eater is sure to find something they’ll love — and they’re ready to spoon in, right when you wake up.

For a fun spin on a hot cereal breakfast, try out Breakfast Couscous, packed with nutritious dried fruit — whatever you have on hand will go wonderfully with the creamy couscous. This comforting morning meal tastes amazing and is ready in just 15 minutes.

Elevate the everyday banana to a true breakfast delight with a Breakfast Banana Split. With a dollop of non-fat Greek yogurt and a few toppings, this healthy breakfast packs all the flavor of a banana split.

Picky family? Kids with different tastes? No problem! Stock up on breakfast essentials and let them pick and choose whatever they feel like that day for an on-the-go Breakfast Basket.

With these quick and healthy breakfast recipes, you can’t go wrong. Recreate your morning routine and ensure your children have all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Learn about United Dairy Industry of Michigan and find more great recipes at


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