What Do You Do When Your Child Is Struggling With Mental Health?

New Oakland County Youth and Family Care Connection and Youth Mobile Crisis Services can help when your child needs mental health care. Learn more.

Families in Oakland County now have more choices for immediate care when their child is in a mental health crisis. Two programs from Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN), in partnership with New Oakland Family Centers, provide evidence-based behavioral health support for youth and families.

What is the Youth and Family Care Connection?

For situations that require intervention but are not life-threatening, Oakland Community Health Network’s Youth and Family Care Connection (YFCC) is a new program designed to meet the mental health needs of youth 17 and younger.

The YFCC is a much-needed resource and a way to reduce the amount of time youth spend in emergency rooms, says Kyle Glasgow, PsyD, LP, Director of Crisis Services with Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN). At the YFCC, youth will see a master’s level clinician and discuss available care options, which might include the YFCC’s Crisis Care Unit, where youth can receive services on-site for up to 72 hours.

“There is a wide range of services available in Oakland County, including outpatient providers, the Crisis Care Unit, in-patient care and partial hospitalization,” Glasgow explains. “The YFCC is there to provide a recommendation that is the least restrictive but most effective.”

Why is the YFCC an alternative to the emergency room?

Hospital emergency departments are great for broken bones and heart attacks, says Glasgow, but they’re not designed to provide psychiatric care for children. “If it’s life-threatening, they should go to the emergency department, but if they need psychological intervention, they can come to the YFCC and get treatment.”

If your child is in no immediate physical danger, but you are concerned because they are struggling with mental health, take your child to the YFCC for screening and to get resources for their care.

The YFCC is located at the Resource and Crisis Center at 1200 N. Telegraph, Building 32E in Pontiac. Families can get walk-in screenings at the first-floor entrance of the Resource and Crisis Center off Hospital Dr.

What is the Oakland County Youth Mobile Crisis Team?

When a child or teen is experiencing a crisis that needs immediate response or is a danger to themselves or others, the Youth Mobile Crisis team provides rapid response, with therapists who come to you.

The Youth Mobile Crisis team travels to homes, schools, emergency rooms, foster care homes, and other public places in Oakland County and supports young people from birth to age 21 who have Medicaid or are presumed Medicaid eligible.

Examples of when the team can be helpful include suicidal thoughts, threatening behaviors, social isolation, self-harm, loss of coping skills, aggression, property destruction or dangerous and impulsive decision-making.

The Youth Mobile Crisis Team provides on-the-spot counseling by mental health professionals to help stabilize emotions and behaviors. The counselor will provide an assessment and coordinate referrals to ongoing services and support.

The Oakland County Youth Mobile Crisis Team is available by calling 877-800-1650.

OCHN manages and funds a service provider network for approximately 29,000 Oakland County residents at more than 400 service sites across the county. People who receive public behavioral health services through OCHN’s provider network include those who have an intellectual or developmental disability, mental health concerns or substance use disorder. Most of these individuals have Medicaid insurance coverage.

OCHN’s goal is to ensure these individuals are aware of and have access to services and support that will improve their health and quality of life, as well as ensure their engagement in full community participation. Its mission to “inspire hope, empower people, and strengthen communities” reflects an unyielding belief in a “Valuable System for Valued People.” 

Programs and supports provided by OCHN’s service network are available at oaklandchn.org.

Claire Charlton
Claire Charlton
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