Children’s Hospital of Michigan Brings Pediatric ER, Specialists to Oakland County

The brand new David K. Page building opened Feb. 1, 2016 in Troy, making it even more convenient for metro Detroit families to receive quality medical care for their children.

Southeast Michigan families rely on Children’s Hospital of Michigan to provide their kids with top-quality medical care. With the sheer number of patients who travel to Detroit for emergency visits, surgeries and appointments with specialists, expanding north of the city was a no-brainer for the pediatric experts.

“Each year, about 60,000 kids come downtown to see us and be cared by us from Troy and the surrounding communities, as well as Oakland County and northern Macomb County,” says Larry Gold, CEO of The Children’s Hospital of Michigan, out of the DMC.

The new outpatient hospital, which opened Feb. 1, on West Big Beaver east of Crooks Road, was built “in the spirit of wanting to provide care as close to the doorsteps of the children we serve,” Gold says – and inside, families will find features that bring both comfort and convenience.

Same expertise, much-needed services

One of the hospital’s most exciting aspects is its pediatric emergency department, which will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means medical professionals with pediatric expertise can treat kids in an ER designed especially for little ones in the event of an emergency. Plus, it’s located near I-75, providing easy access for families across the region.

“But that’s only one component of it,” Gold notes. The Troy location will house about 20 pediatric subspecialty clinics, including cardiology, endocrinology, hematology/oncology, nephrology, neurology, a physical, occupational and speech therapy area and more – plus imaging and lab services and outpatient pediatric surgery.

Innovative design

Gold says the new building, from concept to construction, has been in the works for about two years.

“We actually sort of dismantled the traditional way of designing hospital buildings,” Gold says. The space features a “lean” design to optimize flow and functionality. To bring the vision to fruition, Children’s Hospital of Michigan rented a hockey rink in Detroit, constructed full-scale cardboard models of the facility (nicknamed “Cardboard City”), allowed walk-throughs and accepted feedback from doctors, nurses, staff, parents – even kids.

“We asked them to define what wasn’t of value (and) what was waste, and we asked them to help design a future state of the perfect flow,” Gold says. “As we worked through that, we then asked the architects to take what they heard and design a building.”

From the colorful façade to the student-made artwork dotting every floor, everything about the building’s aesthetics was designed with kids in mind.

“We wanted to actually send a very clear message to the children that we serve and that message was we know who you are, we understand who you are, and when you come inside this building, you can trust us,” Gold says.

Added accessibility

While not all specialties will be at Troy, “we believe it will take care of the vast majority of the needs for families,” he adds.

Not having to travel to Detroit for many of her three children’s appointments and tests is something Troy resident Amanda Winters is looking forward to.

“When I add up how many times we go down per year, I’m looking at 10-hour-a-year savings just by being able to go to Troy for a majority of our appointments,” she says.

Winters and her family were part of the hospital’s design process, as well.

“It’s just so exciting to have something so close to home and to have that wonderful time savings,” she says. “And I just think that having Children’s Hospital of Michigan and their specialists so close to Troy and surrounding communities is such a great addition for the community and families around.”

What to expect

This may be a new facility, but it provides many of the physicians, staff and dependability families are accustomed to at the hospital’s Detroit campus.

“We see more kids than any other hospital provider in the state of Michigan, and it’s important to provide that service in as convenient and effective way as we possibly can,” Gold says. “That’s what people are going to see in Troy.”

The DMC’s Children’s Hospital of Michigan – Troy David K. Page building is located at 350 W. Big Beaver Road. Get the scoop on all things Troy at


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