About the DMC Medical Group Sports Medicine Services

From sports physicals to injury follow up, specialists are available throughout southeast Michigan to help your young athlete thrive.

Parents and coaches work together as a team to keep kids as safe as possible when they’re out playing their hardest.

But when injuries do happen, there’s another team you want on your child’s side: A specialized group of doctors and therapists to help get your young athlete feeling better and back in the game.

At the DMC Medical Group, sports medicine specialists use a multidisciplinary approach to address injuries and conditions that affect a child’s health and ability to participate.

“The collaboration and collegiality between the many specialists and sub-specialists we have in our group is truly a luxury for our patients” says Dr. Brandon Kakos, M.D., a sports medicine physician with the DMC Medical Group.

In addition to specialized physicians, DMC Medical Group also offers a Sports Performance Academy, concussion treatment, physical therapy and other services to help kids return to the field.

For busy parents, easy access is a key factor. Sports medicine services are offered across the metro Detroit region – from Farmington Hills to Hartland, South Lyon to West Bloomfield, Dearborn to Troy and beyond.

“Access is probably one of the most important things parents look for, especially when their kids get injured,” he says. “Seeing your child hurt can create a very stressful and nerve-racking environment, especially when you are unsure of the extent of the injury or treatments necessary. Being able to receive prompt evaluation and treatment by a sports medicine physician is vital in alleviating that stress as well as providing your child a jump-start on their return to play.”

DMC Sports Medicine has a one-stop hotline available to help connect parents with the best care following an injury – it can be reached at 313-910-9328.

“Our main goal is to have athletes return safely to their sport as quickly as possible.” Dr. Kakos says.

It’s also a matter of education. DMC Medical Group specialists work with parents and children to make sure everyone is on the same page to help prevent future injuries.

“Prevention is key,” Dr. Kakos says. “We not only try to heal your current injury but also emphasize a solid foundation for preventing future ailments.”

Working with experienced specialists is essential to the best outcomes, says Dr. Britta Anderson, D.O., a sports medicine specialist with the DMC Medical Group.

“As a group we have a combination of non-operative specialists and a various array of orthopedic surgeons,” she explains. “It’s a large group of people, so we can help with any issues that may be needed. It’s a team approach.”

For more information or to make an appointment, call 313-910-9328 or visit DMCMedicalGroup.com.


  1. I like how you said to ask them about their tutoring methods. My husband and I want to find a tutor for our daughter during the summer since she’s been struggling with math and reading. I’ll make sure to keep these tips in mind as we search for one that our daughter can see.


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