Everbrook Academy Welcomes New Preschool in South Lyon

The brand new school offers children expert care and education, and parents peace of mind.

Families in South Lyon will soon have a new, modern, early childhood education center within their community when Everbrook Academy opens its doors late winter/early spring. With its expected opening planned for early 2021, Everbrook Academy will support 21stcentury learners preparing for kindergarten and beyond, as well as their parents, all looking for peace of mind in knowing that their children will thrive in a safe, caring and creative environment.

For many reasons, families can be anxious when seeking the best pre-school options for their children. During a time when a global health emergency creates additional concerns, they must also consider whether the environment offers their children excellent care and learning opportunities while keeping them as safe as possible from the spread of illness. With these top-of-mind issues taking their place as high priorities — along with children’s general success — Everbrook Academy provides parents of children six weeks to 12 years old a number of key assurances.

They keep it clean

By following all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) disease-prevention guidelines, and the advice and standards conveyed by state and local health authorities, Everbrook Academy expands on its own very vigorous health-and-safety procedures.

“Keeping our teachers and the children entrusted to our care safe is our highest priority, and we have many practices in support of that goal,” said Becky Walter, principal at the new Everbrook Academy in South Lyon.

In addition to completing daily health checks on all of our staff and children, the school also protects people within their buildings by limiting visitors. For instance, parents drop off and collect their children in the common area, rather than the classroom.

All teachers wear masks and are, additionally, expected to socially distance as much as possible while performing their jobs. Everyone inside the school washes their hands frequently as a matter of practice.

“We take health and safety very seriously in our schools, so many COVID-19 preventive measures are not very new to us. They have just been added to our already very high cleaning and sanitization standards,” said Walter.

While toys and manipulatives are notoriously difficult to clean in typical childcare environments, Everbrook Academy uses the eco-friendly Zono Cabinet to clean and sanitize everything children touch, including toys and art supplies — even soft materials like fabric. This sanitizing technology eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses without harsh chemicals or liquids.

“The safety and health of our children is the number one priority at Everbrook and the practices and procedures we have in place reflect this well,” Walter says.

Parents stay connected

Through WatchMeGrow live-streaming classroom video, parents can watch the daily activities of their child’s Everbrook Academy classroom from any device or computer — a bonus that keeps parents connected to their child’s earliest educational experiences.

“Our parents love this feature and it’s something no one else offers,” Walter explains. “Parents can literally view their child’s learning environment throughout the day. Even grandparents who are in another country can peek in. It’s a very secure site and we are able to see who is connecting with us at all times.”

Parents say that WatchMeGrow gives them peace of mind because they can see the love and learning taking place in the classroom — including all interactions and educational tasks, Walter says. Everbrook Academy also provides parents with regular communications through a mobile app that enables regular updates and photos directly from the classroom.


STEAM-powered education powers kids for tomorrow

Everbrook Academy educates future leaders and innovators with hands-on learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). Entrepreneurial and adaptable in its approach, Everbrook’s STEAM-focused learning sparks even the youngest child’s innovation, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills — while enhancing social-emotional development — in practical, real-world applications.

“We’re so proud of this STEAM curriculum because we know that it really prepares young learners for the future and ensures their success as they move on to formal school environments,” Walter says. “Even our infants and toddlers experience the fundamentals of STEAM, which is mindfully incorporated into their play.”

Everbrook Academy students will learn and engage through a customized learning pathway that provides individualized instruction and discovery. Infants and toddlers learn and play through an exclusive milestone-based curriculum, while preschoolers explore through an early education curriculum designed around STEAM principles. Junior kindergarten provides growing minds with an introduction to the more formal structure of a school environment.

Prep Lab keeps kids engaged

When schools go virtual — or when parents feel more secure with their child learning from home — Everbrook Academy steps up to provide Prep Lab, a supportive virtual learning environment for students up to age 12. Through Prep Lab, students can take part in their school’s virtual learning through a safe, secure and supportive platform.

“As school situations evolve with COVID-19, we are able to give parents what they need to support their children in a fun and enriching learning environment that accommodates social distancing,” Walter explains. “Different school districts have different situations with remote learning — even hybrid schedules — and Everbrook Academy is able to step in and work with parents. It’s been very successful across our schools.”

The newest location in the Everbrook Academy family of schools, South Lyon joins Everbrook Academy locations in Novi, Ann Arbor and West Bloomfield to serve families across southeast Michigan. “We are very excited to be coming to South Lyon and to be able to serve families in the area,” Walter says. “Everbrook Academy is a wonderful place for children. Our pride shows in our highly educated teachers and staff and our commitment to learning. We really make a difference.”

Visit EverbrookAcademy.com or call 866-222-0269 to schedule a virtual tour and enroll today.


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