Find Out About Free Montessori Education in Detroit

You want to raise your little tyke to be an independent thinker who is filled with compassion, so you work hard every day after school to instill in him or her those values. Then the next day, you wake him up bright and early to send him off to school, hoping that his teacher will work with him the way you have. Is there a better way to ensure your child is taught those same core values in school?

The Montessori education program is a great way to foster that independence and compassion you work on at home while educating children in a way that makes sense for them. The Montessori method is a research-based, comprehensive educational philosophy that addresses and supports the cognitive, social-emotional and academic needs of each child. “Children learn and develop through manipulation of tactile and experiential interaction in a carefully prepared environment”, says Nicola Turner, Director of Detroit Public Montessori. Children are able to learn and develop through play with guidance and support from their teacher.

“For a child, their work is play. Children are developing their brains, their confidence, their ability to get along with others. Everything they do is moving toward competence and independence,” says Christine Lowry, Montessori expert and consultant at Montessori Now.

Last year, Detroit Public Schools Community District began offering their own tuition-free Montessori education program. Since then, the program has blossomed into a learning community for students and parents alike. This year, the program will be offered at six sites across the city.

“The introduction of Detroit Public Montessori is part of a movement nationally to move Montessori options into the public sector,” says Steven Wasko, DPSCD’s Executive Director of Enrollment, who points out that Montessori schools are usually tuition-based.

DPSCD is hosting a free seminar on its Montessori program from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, May 25 at The Detroit Children’s Museum. Hear Montessori expert, Lowry, talk about the benefits of this renowned educational philosophy and method, get a chance to talk with Montessori certified teachers, see lesson demonstrations and learn tips to integrate Montessori principles at home. Overall, parents will have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Montessori philosophy and methodology and decide if it’s a good fit for their child. Click here to get more information and register. The first 50 registrants will get free passes to the Michigan Science Center and a Metro Parent swag bag.


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