Meet Dr. Nicholas Moore of the DMC Medical Group

This sports medicine specialist is available for everyday needs and sports-specific guidance.

Dr. Nicholas Moore, M.D., of the DMC Medical Group didn’t always know he wanted to be a doctor, but he does remember a particular spark he felt in high school after taking an anatomy class.

In order to use the restroom, students had to tell the teacher a long and technical way of explaining that their bladders were completely distended. While most kids couldn’t remember all the convoluted terms and therefore didn’t ask for any bathroom breaks, he recalled the whole sentence with ease.

“I’d go like four times every period,” Nicholas Moore, M.D., laughs.

One interesting science class led to another, and soon he was well on his way to his current standing as a popular primary care doctor and sports medicine specialist serving patients throughout southeast Michigan.

“I was interested in primary care because of getting to know your patients really well and being able to do a little bit of everything,” he says.

On the sports medicine side of things, he says it’s especially gratifying to work with adults who want to achieve something physically and just need a little help getting there.

“You have people that are really motivated to get better, you do a lot of hands-on stuff and you get to do these things out in the community, like work at a marathon and see people doing something that they didn’t think they could do,” he says.
Helping his patients make that happen usually involves a healthy dose of education.

“You empower your patients a lot,” he says. “I feel like people ultimately get to decide their care and I’m there to educate them on their condition and what the outcomes and risks are. I’m very much about the patients being in charge of their health and their wellness.”

Nicholas Moore, M.D., is also known for his laid-back and casual approach with the people he serves. Not one for wearing a white lab coat, this local doc is more likely to be seen in everyday clothes or getting ready to head out to his favorite CrossFit gym.

“I think a lot of people, especially in orthopedics, are worried their patients won’t think they’re professional enough (if they aren’t in a white coat),” he says. “I want my patients to know that I’m someone they can talk to and be open with.”

A married father of two, Nicholas Moore, M.D., is active in the community and enjoys everything Star Wars with his 4- and 6-year-olds, riding bikes with his family and taking any chance to “run around and be goofy.”

“My daughter likes to play nail salon, so my toenails are painted orange right now,” he notes.

He is always adding new athletes to his roster of patients and teams he covers – from Red Wings players to derby girls, local high school teams and even fellow CrossFitters at his gym.

“I think it’s fun to use your medicine to help people accomplish something, to be a part of something,” he explains. “Helping someone finish a race that they didn’t think they could do, being part of a team or some sort of community. It’s fulfilling. I just want to help people.”

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