No Wrong Way to MET

The cost of your child's higher education is rising, which is why you should start saving now. The Michigan Education Trust offers multiple plans to fit your life. No matter your circumstances, how you MET is up to you.

As the cost of college increases, so does the pressure to start saving for your child’s future. Still, setting aside money can be tough for families. Some families need contributions from extended family and friends, while others are starting to save a little later than they had anticipated. Whatever your situation, the Michigan Education Trust has a MET 529 prepaid tuition plan that can work for you.

The ‘it takes a village’ plan

Open a Pay-As-You-Go account with as little as $111 for community college contracts, and ask friends and family to contribute in lieu of toys for birthdays and holidays.

The ‘never too late’ plan

College tuition is expected to double in 10 years, so even if you don’t get started until your child enters middle school or high school, you can lock in lower prices now.

The ‘every credit counts’ plan

Even if you don’t have enough to buy four years of credits, each credit you buy today will reduce the number of credits you need to buy later.

The ‘legacy’ plan

Helping your children or grandchildren pay for college can help continue your family legacy at your alma mater.

The ‘pay by the month’ plan

Monthly payment plans allow you to pay for a MET contract over four, seven, 10 or 15 years, depending on your child’s age right now. Equal payments make it easier to budget now and will help your child avoid college debt. Your employer may offer a payroll deduction.

The ‘windfall’ plan

Use that unexpected bonus, tax refund or inheritance to purchase up to eight semesters of credits.

The ‘community college plus’ plan

Buy a two-year MET contract your child can use at a four-year university after attending community college for two years.

Types of payment options
The current enrollment period ends September 30, 2018. MET lets you buy in-state college credits at today’s rates in these three convenient ways:

  • Lump sum plan
    Buy one semester or more (15 credits/semester) for any age.
  • Pay-As-You-Go plan
    Buy one credit hour for any age. After that, add $25 minimum at any time.
  • Monthly plans
    Commit to buy one semester or more of college over four, seven, 10 or 15 years.

MET is a state-sponsored 529 prepaid tuition plan that lets parents, grandparents, businesses and others prepay undergraduate tuition for Michigan children. It’s a “529” plan, which simply refers to a federal IRS code that means it’s exempt from state and federal taxes if used for qualified higher education expenses. Learn more at


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