5 Reasons Met Should Be On Your Child’s Holiday Wish List

When it comes to meaningful gifts, nothing tops a Michigan Education Trust contract. Here's why.

Ah, the holidays. A time for winter fun, family dinner and, of course, gifts. Those stockings aren’t going to fill themselves, and little Timmy has been working on his wish list since October. But so many of those new toys will be discarded before his next birthday. If you’re looking for a gift that will have a lasting impact on your child, Michigan Education Trust should be at the top of your list.

There’s no need to request a receipt.

We’ve all been there. Santa brought the toy from the top of the wish list – and so did Grandma, and so did Aunt Kathy. If everyone just contributed to an MET contract, you could really save yourself from awkwardly asking for the gift receipt – not to mention standing in line the day after Christmas to try and return it.

It cuts down on clutter.

Remember that toy you loved as a child? It was the hottest trend, everyone had one, and you begged your parents and Santa to bring it for you for Christmas. You were so happy when you got it that you played with it nonstop for two months straight, and not one day longer. It then sat in the pile of forgotten toys until your mom donated it. Luckily, an MET contract won’t go out of style, they won’t outgrow it, and it won’t break. Bonus: It doesn’t even need batteries!

You’re teaching children an important lesson.

There are tons of ways to teach your child about the importance of generosity and compassion during the holidays. But what about the really practical lesson of saving for the future? Sure, an MET contract may not be as flashy as a brand-new toy, but it’s a great way to help children start to understand the value of an education and to be financially proactive.

It gives mom and dad a little something, too.

OK, we shouldn’t be selfish here, but that new video game just doesn’t come with the same perks as an MET contract. It’ll make them smile, granted, but a MET contract is Michigan tax deductible! It’s really a gift for both you and your little one.

You’ll save time searching for that perfect thing.

You don’t have to scour the stores looking for it; an MET contract is convenient to purchase any time from the comfort of your home. Just visit MET4College.com or call 1-800-MET-4-KID to give a gift that will really matter. They’ll thank you later.

MET is a state-sponsored 529 prepaid tuition that lets parents, grandparents, businesses and others prepay undergrad tuition for Michigan children. It’s a “529” plan, which simply refers to a federal IRS code that means it’s exempt from state and federal taxes. Learn more at MET4College.com.


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