Switching From Minivan to SUV

A Macomb mom of three discusses her decision to make the change to a Ford Explorer — and why she’ll never go back to a minivan again.

Lauren Thomas was always a minivan mom, but when it came time to turn in her lease, the price tag of leasing another one of her favorite minivans was simply too high. She needed to make a change, and after shopping around, Thomas discovered the 2021 Ford Explorer XLT with the sports appearance package. The lease rate of this SUV, which has a price tag beginning around $35,075 and seats seven passengers, was more affordable so Thomas decided to make the switch. And she’s glad she did.

“I will say it’s one of the nicest driving vehicles I’ve had, even in the snow and in the winter,” Thomas, Macomb mom of three — two boys, ages 8 and 6, and a 3-year-old girl — says. “It’s very comfortable.”

That easy wintertime ride is thanks to the Explorer’s Terrain Management System, which according to Ford’s website, has seven drive settings to match any driving condition including normal, trail, deep snow/sand, slippery, sport, tow/haul and eco mode.

Switching to an SUV

The minivan-versus-SUV debate is something that moms have been having for years. Some moms are diehard minivan fans while others are all about the SUV. There are cases to be made for both rides, but Thomas says she’s not interested in going back to a minivan now that she has a Ford Explorer.

“I actually like it better than my minivan,” she says.

For Thomas, a big concern about space was something that impacted her decision to keep choosing minivans previously. But, it turns out, the Ford Explorer has ample space to accommodate her family’s lifestyle — which includes everything from trips to Costco to day trips to watch Thomas’ dad drag race.

The Explorer’s third row flips up and down so easily, she adds, which helps for those Costco runs and short road trips to see her dad’s races.

“It has so much technology,” Thomas adds, including a reverse sensing system with brake assist that detects when something is behind the SUV, power liftgate, 2.3L EcoBoost Engine and so much more.

Thomas adds that the associate at the Ford dealership drew her attention to a unique feature known as valet mode, which keeps your SYNC and personal information secure when a valet person is driving the vehicle. The only way to access personal information, which includes pins to home, supermarkets and any other place the family frequents, in valet mode is to add a code. While Thomas has yet to use the feature, she says it’s a cool option for people who dine out or even valet at the airport.

This Macomb County mom is pleasantly surprised with her new ride. In fact, she likes her Ford Explorer so much that she wishes she opted for a 3-year lease instead of a 2-year lease.

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