Traverse City Wine Coast Fun

Traverse City is a great family destination for all ages and the city's Traverse Wine Coast is the perfect vacation getaway for mom and dad.

Wine is totally in right now, especially for parents. Really, we all know a mom who likes to kick back after a hard day’s work with a glass of pinot or rosé.

And why shouldn’t they? Parents work hard to keep their kiddos alive and happy and a little bit of bubbly every now and then does the body good. Plus, Michigan is fast becoming one of the wine capitals of the world.

Traverse City, for example, offers more than 40 wineries along the two wine trails that make up the Traverse Wine Coast – a must-do for any of-age Michigander.

“Michigan is rapidly becoming nationally and internationally known for becoming quality wine: red, white and sparkling,” says Paul Hamelin, the president of the Traverse Wine Coast and owner of Verterra Winery in Leland. “There are two current wine trails, Old Mission Wine Trail and the Leelanau Peninsula Trail. Two years ago they began working together because they share so many similarities in the quality of the wine and the enjoyment of the wine trails.”

The wineries on the two trails that make up the Traverse Wine Coast, which travels along 115 miles of beautiful Michigan coastline, collectively churn out around 60 percent of the state’s wine and is a great place for adults who want to experience the state’s wine culture.

“All of the wineries in the area have unique characteristics and it’s fun to be able to see the difference and taste the differences in wine and vineyards,” Hamelin says. “(Guests) can do wine tasting, have picnics or eat outdoors, you can get wine tours, you can get vineyard tours – there are lots of activities at almost all the wineries.”

To hit them all, Hamelin suggests making multiple trips to the wine coast or, at the very least, making a long weekend of it.

“I would suggest too that they might, in a four-day visit, stay in two different locations so that way they can stay two days on the Leelanau Peninsula and then two days lodging in Traverse City or the Old Mission Area,” he says. “This will allow them to see more because they’ll be driving less.”

And since the Traverse Wine Trail is located just a stone’s throw from the pristine beaches, fantastic sand dunes and family-friendly fun in Traverse City, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the kids.

“Traverse Wine Coast represents the most exciting wine area in Michigan,” Hamelin says. “It’s a very family-oriented and unique area because of the beauty of the Great Lakes and the more than 40 wineries in the Traverse Wine Coast… One can easily go to the Traverse City Wine Coast and pre-plan out what type of experience they’d like to receive.”

For more information about family fun things to do in Traverse City, or more details on the Traverse Wine Coast, visit Traverse City Tourism online at


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