What Makes the YMCA Accessible for All

Make the YMCA your go-to place for wellness, learning, fun — and yes, fitness. Some reasons to make a family membership fit into your budget, and a program for when you can’t.

What matters most to you and your family? Your answer probably changes based on what’s going on at any given time, but you’re probably solid on the importance of health, happiness and security. Strong community is likely also close to the top of your list. And, you’d probably love your kids to build confidence and success, too.

There’s a place where you can get all this and more. And, it’s close to home, no matter where you live in metro Detroit.

Your local YMCA is built on all of the foundations you know are essential for your family, and the Y grows with you, too, says Latitia McCree-Thomas, Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing at YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit.

“From cradle to career through your retirement years, the Y has something for everyone,” says McCree-Thomas. “We have a host of programs that are all included in your membership, plus affordable swim lessons and summer camps for your kids.”

For 170 years, YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit has met the needs of the community through worthwhile programs that help kids and their parents and grandparents take part in health-promoting activities. So much more than a gym or fitness center, your local YMCA is a community organization that helps you and your kids grow socially, physically and emotionally.

“The Y is famous for fitness programs and swim opportunities especially, but people don’t always remember that kids can come here for academic enrichment, to participate in team sports and gymnastics, attend summer day camp and have their very first overnight camp experiences,” McCree-Thomas says. “All of these contribute to a lot of growth and development for kids. That’s priceless for families.”

This means the YMCA’s seven metro Detroit locations can help you achieve what’s most important for your family.

Benefit that pays for itself

Families with YMCA memberships rave about the YMCA’s unique Parents Night Out program.

“This is the best deal ever,” says McCree-Thomas. “Once a month, parents with a family membership can drop their kids off at the Y for an evening, then go on a date, do some shopping, or just run errands. Meanwhile, their kids are having a great time playing in the gym, shooting baskets, making crafts, watching a movie and eating dinner with friends.”

When you consider the cost of babysitting for four hours plus the cost of dinner out with your partner — or the money you save by shopping without your kids in tow — getting Parents Night Out as a benefit of your YMCA family membership makes the $89 monthly membership fee an even better value.

And, when you’re attending a group exercise class or working out in the gym, there’s usually programming for your child at the same time — or Child Watch — so you can experience the benefits of the Y together. This is what makes the Y a family environment that offers so much more than a typical gym or specialty fitness center.

When you consider all of these benefits of YMCA family membership, then recognize you get it all for less than $3 per day, it’s hard to find a reason not to join.

Y For All

While YMCA family memberships are great value — and the programs are so beneficial for kids and families — the $89 per month membership cost, isn’t within every family’s reach. That’s why a program called “Y For All” exists.

Y For All was introduced in 2011 and it’s a reduced membership rate for families that have an annual household income lower than $49,000.

“This program is part of the YMCA’s long standing legacy of helping families benefit from what we have to offer. We’re committed to never turning people away because of their inability to pay,” explains McCree-Thomas.

Help build positive memories for your children and your whole family by becoming part of your local YMCA. Whether you qualify for Y For All or you believe family membership would be a financial stretch for you, take time to learn about financial assistance programs to help make the YMCA affordable for your family. Reach out to a Membership Specialist at YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit.

Learn more about YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit. Visit ymcadetroit.org.


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