Summer Camp For Kids

Summer camp is a rite of passage for kids here in southeast Michigan, but with so many options out there, it can be a challenge for mom and dad to find the perfect one for their child. 

That’s the inspiration behind this summer camp guide. Here, we offer you a breakdown of different camp options for kids interested in everything from a traditional nature camp experience to STEM camp, art camp, sports camp and more. There’s even options for kids with disabilities and drop-in camps (in case you dropped the ball and forgot to sign your child up for a camp this year). Plus, get tips on choosing the right camp for your child and tips on camping as a family, too. 

Bookmark this page and return to it year after year for updated information — we add new camp content to it regularly. 

Good luck! 

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Camping Advice

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Choosing a summer camp for your child for the first time can be scary. After all, you’re sending them off to spend the night in the wilderness with new friends and hoping that they have fun. To help ease your mind, we offer you tips on choosing a camp for your child, information on why camp is a must-have experience for kids and updates on what’s going on with camps in the age of COVID. Not feeling camp for your child this year? No worries, we have information on how you can create a camping experience for your family at or near home, too.


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Overnight Camps

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An overnight camp is a great way for kids to develop a sense of independence, make new friends and spread their wings away from mom and dad while they gain a greater appreciation of nature. Explore some great overnight and nature summer camps in Michigan and take a deeper dive into some camps that support Metro Parent.


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Day Camps

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Not sure a night (or week) away from mom and dad is the right fit for your kiddo? No problem! Day camps are a solid middle ground for parents who want their kids to get an exciting summer experience without leaving town — and best of all, day camps come in a wide variety of options like STEM, art and sports, so you’re sure to find one that will fit your child’s interests.


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School Break Camps

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Summer isn’t the only time of year for your child to get their camp on. Many local organizations host camp experiences during kids’ breaks from school — including winter and spring break — that double as a fun time for them and childcare for you.


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Metro Parent’s Annual Camp Fair

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Each spring, Metro Parent brings local families together with dozens of camps across the state. The camp fair is an opportunity for camps to show off their unique offerings and for parents to score the latest information about the camps that their kids are most interested in. Check each winter for updates on the FREE yearly event.