The Ultimate Guide to Metro Detroit Summer Camps

Summer in Metro Detroit is on the horizon, and now’s the time to find the ideal camp experience for your child! Whether you’re looking for a camp close to home or one that caters to your child’s specific passions, we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive guide lays out a wide array of summer camps, carefully organized to fit your child’s needs – from engaging STEAM and creative art camps in the metro Detroit area to the timeless experience of overnight camps. Each listing will give you an idea of age, cost, type and location to help make your search more efficient.

Navigating all these summer camp options in metro Detroit can seem daunting. Our guide is crafted to simplify the process, so you can cross that off your to-do list. And once you’ve found the perfect camp, be sure to check out the resources section for tips to get your child ready for their summer camp journey.

Good luck in your search for the perfect camp and here’s to a summer filled with adventure!

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Camps Near Me

Finding the right summer day camp close to home has never been easier. 

We’ve broken down our summer camp lists by area — including Macomb County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County and Wayne County — making sure you can find the perfect summer camp for your kid without venturing too far.

To enhance the “summer camps near me” experience, we’ve included an interactive map to let you search even faster. We’ve even labeled the type of camp to make sure you find a summer camp nearby and one that your child loves!

Summer Camps for Kids in Oakland County

Get your kids ready for summer camp with these options in Oakland County!Looking for a summer camp in Wayne County? We've got you covered with some of the best summer camps for kids.

Summer Camps for Kids in Washtenaw County

Get your kids ready for summer camp with these options in Washtenaw County!

Summer Camps for Kids in Macomb County

Brought to you by the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development and the Macomb Intermediate School District

Summer Camps for Kids in Wayne County

Get your kids ready for summer camp with these options in Wayne County!

Special Interest Camps

For children with specific passions or interests, a specialized camp can provide an immersive and enriching experience. 

Whether your child is an energetic athlete, a budding scientist, or an artist in the making, our guide to special interest summer camps in metro Detroit and beyond covers a wide range of themes such as:

  • Theater Summer Camps: For any aspiring actors and actresses, these camps nurture creativity and confidence through drama.
  • Sports Summer Camps: Ideal for young athletes, these camps focus on developing skills in a variety of sports, promoting teamwork and discipline.
  • Art Summer Camps: Encouraging artistic expression, these camps offer opportunities in painting, sculpture, arts and crafts, and more. 
  • STEAM Summer Camps: Combining science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, these camps foster innovation, problem-solving and critical thinking in engaging activities. 
  • Overnight Summer Camps: Offering a classic camp experience, these programs include a range of outdoor activities and provide opportunities for personal growth, independence and lifelong friendships in immersive settings.
  • Affordable Summer Camps: Designed to fit a range of budgets, these camps ensure every child has the chance to enjoy a fulfilling summer experience without breaking the bank.

STEAM Summer Camps for Metro Detroit Kids

Your little scientists can learn all summer long with these camps!

Theater Summer Camps for Metro Detroit Kids

Sign up your little thespians up for one of these summer camps.

Overnight Summer Camps for Metro Detroit Kids

Have your child start a new adventure with one of these overnight summer camps.

Sports Summer Camps for Metro Detroit Kids

Your little athletes can stay active at these summer camps!

Affordable Summer Camps for Metro Detroit Kids

Summer camps can be pricey, but here are some budget-friendly options.

Art Summer Camps for Metro Detroit Kids

Sign your kids up for a summer camp that is great for little artists.

Summer Camp Tips

Planning for summer camp involves more than just picking the right location and theme, it’s about ensuring your child is set for an enriching experience. To help navigate this process, we’ve compiled a list of resources and tips that cover everything from readiness and benefits to practical advice on preparation and affordability. Here are a few stories not to miss:

These resources aim to make your summer camp planning a breeze, ensuring both you and your child are prepared and excited for the upcoming camp season. Here are a few stories not to miss:

  • Unexpected Benefits of Summer Camp: Discover the lesser-known advantages of camp, including the development of soft skills like resilience, adaptability, and social navigation.
  • Questions to Ask Before Sending Kids to Summer Camp: Arm yourself with the right questions to ask camp organizers, covering safety, daily schedules, staff qualifications, and more, to ensure the camp aligns with your expectations.
  • Is Your Child Ready for Overnight Camp: Assess your child’s readiness for the independence and adventure of overnight camp, considering their comfort level and maturity.
  • Choose a Camp Checklist: Use this collaborative checklist to involve your child in the camp selection process, ensuring the chosen camp meets both your criteria and their interests.
  • How to Make Camp Affordable for Your Kid: Explore various strategies to make summer camp more affordable, including early bird discounts, scholarships, and community resources.

Tips on Packing for Summer Camp

Be prepared to lose everything you send to camp (except your kid). Use these tips to avoid overpacking and keep track of belongings.

Making Friends at Camp is More Important Than Ever for Kids

In a world of digital relationships, summer camps provide an increasingly important place for kids to connect face-to-face.

Why Summer Camp Is Great for Today’s Kids

Here are six ways to find enrichment that's the right fit.

Choose a Camp Checklist for Parents and Kids

Use our choose a camp checklist to find a great fit, and check out Metro Parent's Virtual Camp Fair Week, too.

How to Bring the Fun of Day Camp Home

Plus, find great ways to extend the fun after overnight camp ends!

Questions to Ask Before Sending Kids to Camp

It's time to start thinking about summer camps.

Is Your Child Ready for Overnight Camp?

Summer rite of passage or a scary proposition?

How to Make Camp Affordable for Your Kid

Worried you won't be able to find an affordable summer camp? Here are seven ways to put a summer experience within your child's reach.

Your Overnight Camp Survival Kit

Here are some extras to consider for first-time overnight campers.

Unexpected Benefits of Summer Camp

Everything I ever needed to know to succeed in life, I learned at summer camp.

The camps listed here were chosen by the Metro Parent editorial team to give you the most variety of interest, location and affordability. There are also camps who partner with Metro Parent who are given priority in listing and a little more information readily available. If you are a camp and would like to be included in this list, reach out to the editorial team. If you are interested in partnering with Metro Parent for enhanced visibility, reach out to our marketing team.