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Best Doctors in Michigan: 2017 Mom-Approved Docs

Kid-tested, parent-approved. Metro Parent readers raved about their favorite pediatricians, dentists, therapists and much more. Who made this year's cut?

Interviewing a Pediatrician: Questions to Ask a New Pediatrician

Need a little help when deciding which pediatrician is best for your child? Walk into your meet-and greet-appointment with questions in hand.

Dad's Nursing Cover Video Goes Viral

The father took a video of himself trying to eat with a blanket over his head to show breastfeeding critics why it's a ridiculous suggestion.

BBC Radio DJ Says Breastfeeding is 'Unnatural'

A BBC radio host was temporarily suspended for his offensive remarks toward moms who breastfeed in public. Now he's back on air. Women should feel slighted.

Olivia Wilde Completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Breast Milk

The Ice Bucket Challenge is kind of over, right? Well, if one celeb has her way, a new one is ready to take its place, dumping breast milk on your head.

Oh Mother Year in Review: Top 10 Crazy Parenting Moments of...

If it's shocking, stupid or just plain silly, these parents have done it in the past year. Here's our roundup of the most memorable Oh Mother blog stories.

Breast Milk Baby Breastfeeding Doll Gets Mixed Reviews

Now hitting the U.S. market, this Spain import toy is getting praise and criticism. Is it a valuable educational tool - or just age-inappropriate?

August is National Breastfeeding Month

The number of nursing moms has increased tremendously. But some, parents and not, still feel uncomfortable about it. What do the trends and research say?