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Local Family Discusses Road to Adoption

For the Coopers of Bloomfield Hills, their road to parenthood was filled with more potholes than a Michigan highway. Here, we share their story.

'Inside Out'-Inspired Core Memory Pictures

If your kids have seen the movie 'Inside Out' and love it, this craft is perfect for them! Get the step-by-step directions here.

Foster Parents Mandy and Jeff Majchrzak

This Waterford couple is creating a family with biological, adopted and foster children.

Holden, May 2015 Metro Parent CoverKids – VIDEO

Bravest CoverKid ever? That honor might go to this 10-year-old from Romeo. He hung out with snakes, sugar gliders, tarantulas and more for our May cover.

Elaine Hall Discusses Son’s Autism Diagnosis, Special Needs Therapy, More

Read our chat with the autism advocate and founder of The Miracle Project. She will be one of the keynote speakers at Metro Parent's Living with Autism Workshop in April.

Increase in Children Diagnosed with Adult Diseases

A recent study shows young kids are being diagnosed with diseases that usually strike middle-aged people including diabetes, obesity and elevated blood pressure. What can parents do to stop this?

Mom Buys Son an iPhone for Christmas – with a Contract

Mom Janell Burley Hofmann gifted her 13-year-old son a smartphone for the holidays, but it came with 18 strict rules on how and when to use it.

Adopting a Rescue or Shelter Pet for Your Family

Consider giving a gift that gives back - and provides a home to an abandoned cat, dog or other animal. But be sure your family is ready first.

The All American Pet Expo at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi

Metro Detroit's largest pet show promises a weekend of entertainment, education, and the opportunity to bring home a new best friend.

Advice from Adoptive Pet Owners

Is your family thinking about adding a dog, cat or rabbit? Four southeast Michigan families share tips on adopting rescue animals.

Boredom Busting Ideas for Summer

Consider these seven suggestions for banishing that annoying cry to be entertained.

How to Get a Passport for Your Child

Don't delay! Here are nine steps parents should follow to secure kids' passports in time for vacations and traveling.