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Importance of Learning a Foreign Language

Why should kids learn languages and where should they begin? Local principals weigh in with tips and information.

Birds of a Feather …

A couple of years ago, I had a really insightful conversation with a friend/colleague about race. My side gig as the associate publisher of...

Causes of Kids’ Anger Issues at School

Many factors could be fueling the class bully (or your own child's anger). Here are signs, reasons and what parents can do.

Helping High Schoolers Combat Boredom and Stress

Many teens say they feel sluggish and stressed in class. Learn how to help them manage these negative feelings.

Backpack Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Backpacks for School

With choices galore, how can you help your little guy or girl pick the best backpack? Consider these backpack buying tips.

Talk to Education Experts at Metro Parent's Education Expo

Learn more about the exhibitors and sponsors at the 20th annual Education Expo.

Hiring a Nanny: Where to Look, Questions to Ask and More

Two moms weigh in on everything from the cost of a nanny to where to find a nanny – and more. Get the all details here.

Electives 101 for High School Students

They're not 'blow-off classes.' Help kids pick the right ones for plenty of perks.

Nick and Andrea Cocciolone, Co-owners of Planet Rock Climbing Gyms

Meet the mom-dad team behind the popular Planet Rock climbing gym, located in Madison Heights and Ann Arbor Michigan

Why You Should Stop Doing Your Kid’s Homework

Are you doing your kid's homework? If so, find out why you aren't doing them any favors, and get tips on how to strike a balance.

Finding a New School Checklist

Looking for a new public, charter or private option for your child? The eight steps on our finding a school checklist can help you make the right choice.