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City of Gibraltar Fourth of July Parade and Festivities

Bring your red, white and blue-clad family to Gibraltar July 3-4, 2017, for the city's 53rd annual parade, array of kids activities and more festive fun.

Farmers Markets in Grand Rapids

Stock up on fresh fare and support local growers at these farmers and farm markets in and around Grand Rapids.

Mother’s Day French Toast Recipe Ideas

Indulge mom with these yummy homemade French toast recipes – including baked French toast and almond-crusted French toast.

April Events in Grand Rapids for Families

Looking for things to do with kids in Grand Rapids? Find family fun for spring break in Grand Rapids and other upcoming events in the city, too.

Healthy Alternatives for Sweet-Craving Kids

Got a child that loves chocolate chip cookies or ice cream? Satisfy his or her cravings for sweets without all of the sugar by making these healthy swaps.

Candy Factory Tours Hit the Local Sweet Spot

Check out how the sweets are made during a Sanders-Morley Chocolate Factory tour here in southeast Michigan, plus two out-of-town spots.

Breakfast Muffin Recipes

Blueberry muffins, double chocolate muffins and more – make these kid-friendly muffin recipes with your family!

Kid-Friendly Carrot Recipes

Watch your kids finish off a whole bunch of the tasty vegetables by adding them to salad, rice, pancakes, chips, muffins and a delicious Indian dish.

Are Superheroes Bad Role Models for Kids?

New research indicates children who engage with superheroes are more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior.

Picking a Preschool Schedule

When enrolling your child in preschool, should you choose a full-day preschool schedule or a half-day preschool schedule?

Quick, Healthy Meals for Family Dinner

Wondering what to make for dinner that won't take too long and isn't unhealthy? We've got you covered with these six recipes.

Parents Sign Petition Against Toys That Spy on Kids

A company called Genesis Toys has two items that record kids' conversations. Do you agree they should be taken off shelves?