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Kid-Friendly Carrot Recipes

Watch your kids finish off a whole bunch of the tasty vegetables by adding them to salad, rice, pancakes, chips, muffins and a delicious Indian dish.

Are Superheroes Bad Role Models for Kids?

New research indicates children who engage with superheroes are more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior.

Picking a Preschool Schedule

When enrolling your child in preschool, should you choose a full-day preschool schedule or a half-day preschool schedule?

Quick, Healthy Meals for Family Dinner

Wondering what to make for dinner that won't take too long and isn't unhealthy? We've got you covered with these six recipes.

Parents Sign Petition Against Toys That Spy on Kids

A company called Genesis Toys has two items that record kids' conversations. Do you agree they should be taken off shelves?

Easy, Healthy Kids Breakfast Ideas

It really is the most important meal of the day. Say 'no' to doughnuts and sugary cereals, and 'yes' to some of these healthy breakfast recipes for kids.

Holiday Meal Planning Tips

If you've gotta get the family fixings together in short order, use this advice from professional chefs on holiday meal planning.

Homemade for the Holidays: DIY Holiday Gifts

Get the kids in the crafting spirit with these five DIY holiday gifts that are sure to please everyone on your family's list.

My Obsession: Things We Love This Month

One local parent and some of Metro Parent's very own writers share their favorite things with readers.

Amazon Told to Reimburse Parents for Kids’ Accidental Purchases

A federal judge told the company to repay parents for the app purchases children make by mistake. Is this fair?

Choosing and Caring for Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees

Chop and prop your own holiday tree with these seven tips from Michigan experts. Plus, learn how to take care of real Christmas trees once they're set up.

Holiday Magic Parade in Royal Oak

For yet another season, the magical parade returns to downtown Royal Oak. Join the fun and celebrate with your family on Nov. 20, 2016.
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