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Made in Michigan: Cool Family Products

Discover some Michigan-made stuff kids and parents will love – from toys to food to handmade jewelry and other local goods.

Secrets of ‘The Swap’

Buy, sell and save on maternity and baby gear through online swaps.

Baby Gift Registering 101: What You Do and Don't Need

From the car seat to the baby monitor, take the guesswork out of registering for your new baby with this list. Here's what to consider and what to leave off.

Southeast Michigan Mom Forces Daughter to Shoplift – Then Strands her...

Police arrest an 11-year-old girl for stealing at Old Navy in Troy after her mother allegedly makes her steal more than $100 worth of clothing and accessories.

Zooper Twist Stroller

Keep your baby safe in this stylish and uber practical stroller, which offers comfort, shade and adjustments to spare.