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Disney Character Names Are Getting More Popular Among Parents – Here...

A recent U.K. study shows that more and more parents are giving their kids Disney character names. Would you ever consider it?

The Most Popular Names in Michigan for Boys and Girls

Michigan parents love these two names the most right now. But if you hate how popular they are, consider some unique alternatives.

Dad Changes Baby’s Middle Name While Mom Recovers from Birth

Get the popcorn out, 'cause this story is full of plotting in-laws, marital deceit and a man caught between a rock (his wife) and a hard place (his mother).

Woman Cancels Baby Shower After Family Criticizes Baby Name

The unidentified mom-to-be couldn't handle the ridicule, so she nixed the celebration altogether – in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

Parents Name Baby After Colonel Sanders for College Money

KFC gave $11,000 in tuition to a family who named their daughter after the chicken chain's founder – which speaks volumes about the cost of college anymore.