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Creative, Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Can't find the right words to tell your loved ones and friends your good news? Try one of these cute ways to announce pregnancy!

Baby Gift Registering 101: What You Do and Don't Need

From the car seat to the baby monitor, take the guesswork out of registering for your new baby with this list. Here's what to consider and what to leave off.

SNAP! Creativity Conference: Craft Fun for Families

This creative blogger convention, held in April 2014, offered up cool DIY supplies and projects for both parents and kids who want to make awesome stuff.

Baby Tooth Jewelry: New Keepsake Trend for Moms?

Next time your kid loses a tooth, don't toss it. Etsy designers will turn it into a sterling silver mold to wear as a necklace. Precious, or just plain weird?