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Creating a Sleep Schedule for Your Baby

If you're wondering how to get a newborn to sleep through the night, we've got information to help you with the transition.

My Obsession: Things We Love This Month

One local parent and some of Metro Parent's very own writers share their favorite things with readers.

Parents Pay $300 for Doll That Helps Baby Sleep

New parents want one thing: for their babies to sleep soundly. But it may come at a price.

Craft Books for Kids That Should Be On Their Holiday Lists

Plus one for adults! Peek at these DIY books that are great addition to any crafter's holiday list.

10 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

Swaddling, white noise and a consistent routine are popular baby sleep solutions that might work for your sleep-hesitant infant.

The Risks of Co-Sleeping With Your Child

While co-sleeping with a child may put parents at ease, there is more risk involved than they might think.