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Half-Baked Parenting Quotes, from Cliches to Celebs

Boiled down to a one-liner or two, well-intended advice can often just wind up sounding like half-baked parenting. We think these 10 parenting quotes make the cut.

What to Do When Your Tween Has An Attitude Problem

Read about five of the worst offenses and what parents can do when their child commits one or more of them.

A Cocktail Recipe for Some Common Parenting Headaches

Got a newborn? Is your teen driving? No matter what the parenting problem is, we're here for you with a special cocktail recipe.

Baby Hospitalized After Drinking Formula Mixed With Vodka

According to reports, a Wisconsin mom accidentally fed her infant daughter a vodka-formula mix when the bottle was confused for one filled with water.

Mom Arrested for Child Neglect Due to 4-Year-Old's Tooth Decay

The little girl's teeth were reportedly blackened and rotting. Was police intervention necessary? Tell us what you think.

Parents Accused of Giving Kids Drugs as 'Bargaining Tool'

Authorities say these Florida parents gave their teen daughters marijuana and cocaine to attend school and complete chores. Here's a no brainer: That's stupid.

ADHD Today: Untangling Myths and Offering Strategies

It's a well-known childhood issue – and carries a history of stigma. Luckily, our understanding of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder has really grown up. Here's a closer local look at ADHD.

Oh Mother Year in Review: Top 10 Crazy Parenting Moments of...

If it's shocking, stupid or just plain silly, these parents have done it in the past year. Here's our roundup of the most memorable Oh Mother blog stories.

Laundromat Mishap: Dad Puts Son into a Washing Machine

And it turned on with the toddler inside. The kid was OK, but the security camera video footage has gone viral, sparking plenty of outrage.

Parenting Then, Now and Always

Metro Parent Publisher Alyssa Martina looks back at 25 years of parenting and makes a prediction for the future.